Sunday, February 20, 2011

heart art

I wish you could see how utterly fantastic these pieces were in person.


 Particularly all the sculptural pieces. How every turn showed something new.


by Eli Lorenz

 broken colored glass

You can't see how every beam had a word. The words flowed together like a poem to help create the story.

by Rebecca Guy
There were doll definitions written around each side. The door opened, collaged & part of the piece inside.

You can't see the razor blades stuck inside the heart she has held out.

All the texture up close & personal.

Every side of this piece showed something different.

Every single heart displayed here was unique.

Along this corsete in gold pen were the lyrics to the song "Heart of the Matter" by Don Henley.

Every single flag had a different things on each side.

ARTISTS: Denise Althea Graham, Chandra Armstead, Deeya Bain, Joni Beamish, Laura Beikman, Penelope Bisbee, Carol Blanchard Parks, Angie Bolling, Eunice Bridges, Roy Cirigliana, Ray-Mel Cornelius, Patricia Curry, Dan Dudley, Lori Dudley, Gina Marie Dunn, Jacque Forsher, Sandra Gonzalez, April Greenlee,  Franziska Haarmann, Juli Hulcy, Karen Jacobi, Laura Johnson, Jenny Keller, KeLaine Kvale, Katrine Kyhnel, Javier Limon, Darlene Macias, Laurie Mahoney, Kerian Massey, Julia McLain, Teresa Megahan, Karen Merten, William Messimer, Sharon Neel-Bagley, Melia Newman, Jennifer Olvera, Carol Pankratz, Cap Pannell, Paul Pena, Filiberto Pérez, Luzette Portillo Flores, Alfredo Rodriguez, Johanna Roffino Hulsey, Lisa Rountree, Lesley Rucker, Ruth Sanchez, Armando Sebastian, Cindy Seely, Pam Stern, Linda D. Stokes, Melissa Wertz, Michele Wertz, Tamara Wyndham, and David Zarazua II.

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  1. I LOVE these heart pieces! Awesome - I love images of the battered,torn and scared heart! I wish I could have seen these things in person - the details you talk about sound amazing.

    In the meantime, I found a few tattoo ideas of things I have been looking for.



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