Tuesday, July 16, 2013

golden treasures

My outfit was based on 
This Style Imitating Art Challenge
hosted by Jess from Animated Cardigan.

Today's art inspiration is:
Pink Bow by Jeff Koons

I followed the color palette of the art
 using pink, with hints of red, and gold.

I incorporated gold accessories.
I wore the pink ruffled skirt to resemble the loops on the pink bow in the artwork.
My shoes have red bows too.

My pink blouse with red flowers,
and my golden belt were thrifted,

My golden treasures:
My nephew Speed Racer
His train car says, Golden Spike Express.

My twin niece EJ

My nephew JJ

My twin niece Lil bug

My art journal page from
May 31, 2013

It's been so hot, 
I wore shorts and sandals every day this week.
It's 7:57 pm right now,
and it's 87 degrees F
(which equals about 30.6 degrees C).

I am crazy about this song and video:

Bruno Mars - Treasure - Music - More Music Videos

..."Treasure, that is what you are
Honey you're my golden star
I know you can make my wish come true
If you let me treasure you"...Bruno Mars


  1. you have the cutest nephews/nieces! so sweet. and I love red and pink together. one of my fave combos. I love that you used art as inspiration!!!


  2. I love your interpretation of the bow, I'm struggling to think how I would interpret it!! I love the ruffles on your skirt and your gold belt and accessories!

    I'm all rugged up by the fire so I'm very jealous you got to wear shorts all week, even if it was back in May!!

  3. oh, another beautiful art journal page. and how incredibly cool is that artwork! you've done such a great job with combining pink, red and gold. and I'm surprised how great pink and red look together. definitely something worth trying ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I remember getting pulled on a long line of train cars at an air show when I was little. One of my most nostalgic moments.

  5. I love your belt ! And your art journal is amazing with the collage of little objets !

  6. I like the idea of this series. Very cool!

  7. Oh, as you know, red is my favorite color and I loved your shoes with red bows! I also loved your skirt! You always look so beautiful and serene, in fact! I like this! Your art journal is always lovely and it was made on my grandma's birthday :) Your nieces and nephews always cute, I love seeing their smiles! Teddi, always my big thank you for your lovely words towards me! You always put me up and you have such a beautiful heart! It's a pity we can't go to thrifty stores together, I am sure we would have a great time! But I thank internet for having known such a great
    girl like you! By the way, I like Bruno Mars, he's a great
    singer! denisesplanet.com

  8. I can totally see that bow on your look ha.. cute journal page.. it's pretty hot in here too!... but 30 degrees's nothing compared to Mexicali's hell of a desert.. today the temperature's 41 °C and it gets worse in august...gulp!
    have fun in the sun!

  9. you're so summery in your different shades of pink! how fun!!

  10. I LOVE your take on the inspiration (and the fun inspiration). You look wonderful in pink!

  11. Dearest Teddi, this outfit is super cute, I have always loved pink and red together, I think they match perfectly ! I also have something pink and red in a way in my outfit posted today...actually, I have the feeling you will like my hippie style look :-)
    I send you tons of kisses ! Love, Vale

    Fashion and Cookies

  12. That journal is the cutest thing I have ever seen..I love the flower, buttons etc. sooo cute.

  13. your golden treasures are so cute ;) this art inspiration challenge is so you, i think your outfit reflects the image quite well.

  14. Hello my friend Ted!
    I want to apologize for my absence, my blog has a problem, and I can not see the comments.
    You are a doll in this outfit ... I love the mix of red and pink, looks like a sweet strawberry!

  15. Love pink and gold together
    Love Bruno Mars

    The little ruffle on this skirt is adorable

  16. You did GREAT in this challenge! You can tell you really took inspiration from the wrapped present photo. :)

  17. wow your outfit turned out great if I'm looking at the inspiration picture! you really looked at the details, such a good job! I like it :)

  18. Your art journal it's the best! I'm terrible at keeping it up.. Love the pop of red in your outfit x

  19. The hint of gold adds something special to this outfit, and makes sure it's not too cutesy. I'm impressed that you were inspired by a bow!

  20. You nailed the colour scheme. I love how the shirt underneath matches the shoes and how you compared the ruffles of the skirt to the loops of the bow. Very creative, indeed. :) Your art page is beautiful, as well. I like how it's 3D.


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