Wednesday, June 12, 2013

things that move

and things that move me...
Free People January 2013 catalog
Free People January 2013 catalog

Free People January 2013 catalog

My brother and my nephew

My nephew Speed Racer on his wiggle car

My nieces and nephew: Lil Bug, JJ, EJ

Me on my bike October 2009
Me on the carousel April 2009

My guy on his bike in 2009 and 2011
Last Saturday he rode 25 miles.

My art journal page from April 23, 2013
I've had a thing for lockets ever since I was little,
 with the movies Annie and A Little Princess.
Once I got my mom a locket,
and put photos of her mom and dad inside.
I've never owned a locket of my own though.


  1. i want everything in that catalog!! and i always love your family shots! such cuties!!

  2. I like to ride a bike, too ! That free people catalogue is gorgeous and your pics are always lovely, my dear friend =) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  3. 25 miles? I'm tired after one.

  4. The photos of your brother and nephew are just so cute! Love them!

  5. love to look at the Free People catalog
    the wiggly car is a hoot

  6. we must get you a locket then!
    lovely journal page... and drooling over the free people catalogue!!! so awesome stuff there.. thanks for your kind words, you are always very sweet.. I appreciate it.. wishing you the best.. happy weekend! hugs!

  7. I want and need that studded denim jacket from Free People

    xo Ashley

  8. Oh I love Free People! Their catalogues always make you want to jump inside! That photo of you on the carousel is really pretty :) And I love those wiggle cars haha they're so fun.

  9. I love your inspiration page of course..and I can totally see that being you. You are page is great..I like how vintage it looks. what do you do with all of you journal pages?

  10. I've never heard of Free People before but loving everything you've shared from their catalogues!
    I feel like riding my bike now!!

  11. Those Free People pictures are sooo'h pretty! Love you to check out my blog xx

  12. Ted these images are wonderful! I've walked myself anticipating the next trend, elemntos folk will return everything, in fact I've always loved!
    Ted beautiful photos, this day of sun .. here is cold!

  13. I have two lockets and I am really ready to wear them now... you know, sometimes it's a bit difficult to wear pictures of beloved ones... but I feel now I can wear them. I loved your art journal! And Free People? I never saw it before, but it's amazing! You look so beautiful in 2009 as now as well!!!!

  14. Ahhh A Little Princess, I love this movie and will have to watch it again soon! Beautiful imagery and words as always.

  15. I love free people! they have some amazing stuff. I recently bought this cute washed out denim jacket from them with the coolest blanket print. gonna wear it tomorrow!!!

  16. Yay for Free Prople catalogs! Your nephew is so cute. And yay for long bike rides too!

  17. I really like the art journal page, it looks so magical!
    wonderful post and really cute pictures :)

  18. Clever name for your blog post! Do you follow Hippie Lace? She's another Ottawa blogger and her style is very similar to the Free People ads.

  19. oh, I really hope you will get your own locket then if you like them that much, Teddi :)
    those Free People ads and lookbooks are always so cool and... just free! (at least as much as I've seen them in different blogs over time). I like it when fashion is being shared through eventful exciting photographs. exactly like here.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me


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