Monday, November 26, 2012

sunshine answers 3, 5, and 7

It's Inspiration Monday!

Nora and Megan of 
Two Birds Boutique chose an outfit to inspire a personal look.

Here's my version of the outfit.
To see how others used the inspiration go to 
holiday card, take two.

Today's outfit inspiration is:
Mary-Kate Olsen

The blue oversized shirt belongs to my husband,
(it was his idea, to use one of his shirts).
I like that I can see him reflected in the windows.

Details of my necklaces:

* brown rock necklace (the rock was a gift my great grandma, from childhood)

* teddy bear necklace (I have no idea where it's from)

* round necklace with Johnny Rzeznik's hologram image,
 (given to me from my best friend,  several years ago)

My mom made the purple bracelet.
My cousin made the silver triangle bracelet.

The rest of the bracelets I've collected over the years.

Weeks ago, my blog friend Maiken 
from Maikeni blogi-part of me nominated me for this sunshine award.  I will answer questions 3,5, and 7.

III. How many blogs do you read regularly?

Honestly I don't know.
I do read quite a lot. I follow over 50 maybe 100 blogs? I'm too lazy to count them.

Eye shadow was a birthday present,
from my friend Em.
Eyeliner was a birthday present I bought myself.

 V. Name the last piece of clothing/accessory you bought.

These pointy toed black thrifted ankle boots
were the last accessory I purchased.

This brown sequined purse was thrifted too,
but I bought it  months ago.

VII.  What is your favourite holiday?

When I was little they had a Halloween carnival,
at the school. 
I won a cake in the cake walk.
My favorite Halloween book in childhood was The Candy Witch.
I got it from my first grade teacher.
 I had a book called The Teeny Tiny Woman, it used to scare me. When I grew up I would tell the children I worked with,
this version of the story. 

This past week I've been playing
Stars and Big White Gate
 by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals,
on my guitar.

The last photo wasn't answer to any question.
I just felt like including it in this post, because I'm weird like that.


  1. I wonder how many blog posts I ever read? Probably a lot more than I could estimate.

  2. You really nailed this one, the oversize button up was perfected for getting the really loose, easy going vibe of the inspiration picture. (Even got the half-tucked part, awesome!) I love, love these thrifted booties of yours, it's crazy the amount of cool stuff you can find at the second hand stores. (And mmm, that bag is nice! I love oversize bags with long straps, so nice for walking around.)

  3. I must say your husband has fashion sense!
    Your outfit is so chic Teddi! ^◡^


  4. i love that last are not weird!!! and i love your husband's shirt on you. what a great idea from him!! i love the blue and purple together, wintery colors!

  5. wow, those eyeliners look pretty amazing! have you already tried them?
    btw, I have also no idea how many blogs do I follow :P 100-200 probably..
    anyway, I like what you're wearing here and actually I thrifted myself a Lacoste sweater from men's department today ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. You look just like her! Way to nail that look! Also, totally diggin' the teddy bear necklace =]

  7. I am also granting you the sunshine award because you really do spread sunshine my little er...sun..shine!! Don't feel obligated to do the entire post it is tedious. Great layered necklaces. I am putting this post together today at some's looooong. dawn suitcase vignettes xoxoxo

  8. You're really captured Mary-Kates leasure look. Love it!

  9. Like the casual look! I am a vegetarian and probably a bit of a hippie too:)

  10. Nice interpretation of the look! I love the cute journaling of the witch.

  11. I love your outfit is one of my favorite ones yet. And i am with you on halloween being a favorite holiday. I mean free candy and dressing up however you want what's better then that.

  12. Oh wow, I love the oversized shirt style! And that tedyd necklace is too cute!! Also love those boots!!
    Great style :)

    She xx
    She may be the Song that Summer Sings

  13. Lol teddi a half-birthday is just 6 months from your real birthday (halfway mark) :) I love that we both wore our hubbys shirts! You have the perfect slouchy look.

  14. I really like the outfit and adore the jewellery, especially the necklaces. Great inspiration and look!

  15. At least I can see the connection this time :) A good take on the look, although that particular style isn't my favorite... I'm slighlty traumatized by grunge when I was in college!

  16. love the olsens's style! and that one's a really cool-urban one.. you achieved it quite well

  17. Teddi! my gosh! i came back over to two birds for something and noticed i had missed you. pardon moi!

    i love all the accessories you did. really glam-ed it up. fun.

    did you see my post, too? my pic was so dang blurry, dang. oh my.

  18. I adore the half-untucked shirt. It looks so casually sexy. The layered necklaces are freakin' adorable too.

    May the force be with you.

  19. Your outfit is banging!! I like it better than the inspiration photo even! The oversized shirt looks so non-chalant with the half-tuck and long necklace. I think it's wonderful how supportive your husband is of your blog. He's got an eye!

  20. I love your inspiration and nailed it girl. Looking chic.

    <3 Marina


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