Sunday, November 23, 2008

nada surf concert

Ever had a bad date and you just want to head home? That’s what I felt Friday night. I said if this was our
 first date, there would not have been a second. We get to the bar at 7:40 thought the band started at 7. No they don’t open til 9. We drive around. He says he’s
 hungry. We see packed coffee shop with band playing. That’ll be a cool place to go. Get inside caramel coffee, banana bread, triple chocolate cookie and bad,background sounding elevator music.

Let’s go get some real food. We drive around some more. There's a packed Mexican restaurant. We park at back entrance (since there’s no room in the front). He says this is what he was looking for. When we sit down, no one sees us. We wait. He finally tells someone. Waters, chips and salsa later. Menus are open he tells me he’s not hungry. Are you kidding me? We could have stayed at the coffee shop!   
He orders spinach enchiladas which were frozen spinach stuffed in a tortilla with no cheese or enchilada sauce inside. A couple bites later he’s sick to his stomach. I’m left at the table. I don’t need to tell you where he ends up. I pay the tab. He grabs the doggie box. We see a dumpster marked grease where he leaves the nasty food. I’ve never seen a whole dumpster marked grease!  
We go to the bar where we wait outside in a super long line on the freezing coldest night in Texas for nearly an hour. Upon entering the music is playing and the night starts to turn better. 
All the bands were great. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life. This was one of the best.

I worked my way to the front. A girl had been screaming for a song and when they finally played it. I let her in the front row. She’s a huge fan, she’s seen them 10 times! The guy next to me tells her she
changed the lead singer 's energy cause the lead singer’s playing for her. Every song she requested he played. And no, she wasn’t some hot, skinny, young thing either. Just a regular 28 yr old woman who loved their music. She told me he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to marry me.
(I thought to myself no, but ya might get to kiss him).  
When they played my favorite song, 2nd to last, I  got back up in front. On the very last song she and others joined the band on stage. I could’ve too, but I wanted to watch them enjoy it. When the show ended I asked her “Did ya meet him?” She said, “I kissed him!” (I knew it).
The bar was kicking people out of the bar, and the band manager was yelling that it was the bar’s fault for having a messed up PA system. We didn’t get home until 3 AM. 


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