Monday, November 5, 2012

A white shirt

for Inspiration Monday

 When the ladies of Two Birds Boutique choose an

 to inspire a personal look.

This is my version.

To see how others wore the L.C. look go to
 Inspiration Monday: Ladies Night.

Today's inspiration is:
Lauren Conrad
 She was my favorite character on 
Laguna Beach and The Hills.

Today I picked up:

The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad
at the library.

I've read all of her other books
 in the 
L.A. Candy book series.

Instead of wearing a scarf around my neck,
I'm wearing a scarf/bandanna in my hair.
I got it from the Warped Tour concert July 2008.

My pants were a birthday present from
my sister n-law, brother, and nephew.

The boots once belonged to my mom.

My mom also made my copper bracelets.

The shirt has a personal meaning to me because the image could be a guy or a girl holding a guitar.

There are lyrics written on sheet music inside the image.

Some of the words are:

 ...When, I write,
try to listen, But
motions deeper. 1 min
belies of flavor...

These art journal pages from July 2012
were inspired by
In the Sun Class by Natalie Malik.

If I spent all day in bed...

pillows, blankets, paper, pens, phone,
my laptop computer, games..
I might want to play board or card games.
I like Rummy ScrabbleScattergories,
AdvertisingLast Word, and Yahtzee.

She had a weakness for boots.
She didn't need anymore. 
She owned 17 pairs,
(Since this art page was written in July,
I own more than that now).  ;)

She knew if she found another pair that fit well,
and were a good price, she would buy them.
She liked all kinds of colors and styles, ankle, calf, knee, over the knee lengths, heels, and flats.
They made her feet happy.

July 14, 2012


  1. I love it!! And I love Lauren too ;)

  2. I love your white tee, the looseness and the fun print makes it really cool and fun. (Plus, it's amazing with the striped pants, it's very graphic looking and I like how you broke up the black and white color scheme with the drown boots.)

  3. 17 pairs of boots??
    funny, I just did my last article on about boots... and I like those you're wearing that once belonged to your mom... you dressed just like lauren conrad in deed.. take care!
    and thanks for the comments! :)

  4. I share your opinion about boots.. and footwear overall, to be honest :P if you like it and it's affordable then go for it, right!? ;)
    anyway, your outfit is really cool too! I like it how those pants, the scarf and your unique tee make a lovely match. great job, Teddi! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. teddi, your boots are so beautiful. i love them, and i love that they were once your moms!!

  6. The pants are a fun birthday present :) I like your take on this inspiration mOnday look, it looksvery you but still reminds me of lauren's outfit.

  7. Very cute my dear friend. I love how you gave your look your own personal touch...and hey we picked the same background this week! lol. I like the stripe pants they are fun. This look suits you.

  8. how cute is that t-shirt and love the stripe pants

  9. Rock on my Teddi, this is a great pair of pants. I love them. You look like you are ready for your big debut. I am in love with your boots. You look Kate Moss chic. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  10. I totally love your pants! So cute, I want some! Those boots are great too and I love that you wore the scarf in your hair instead!

  11. I may be one of the only people who was always Team Heidi, never a fan of Lauren. LOVE your boots, they almost match hers identically.

  12. ps. I have something special waiting for you in my blog! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. Your version is always more interesting ! I love these pants, and the boots are so beautiful !

  14. Lovely post !

    Great look:)



  15. hi Ted!! Amazing boots..i want!!
    Ted i love the collage of boots...your book is the best!!

  16. I have a fetish for feet / shoes / boots / slippers but I don't own a ton. I passed the gene onto one of my two daughters and she has a ton of them all. She has toned down since having a boy baby. But now he has a ton of shoes! hahaha. I loved seeing your boot collection. Found you via two birds. Following now.

  17. Where do I go to follow again? hmmmm.

  18. Love your striped pants! Still need a pair like those!



  19. Great t shirt i might be in love
    I like your version of the outfit better
    I am also a fan of the L.A. candy series i try not to be but i am sucker for those kinds of books

  20. Hi, Teddi! How are you? I love your white shirt look. I have a weakness for boots, too, though I don't own as many pairs as I'd like. ;)

  21. Oooh, so much I love in this post! Yours must be my favourite take on this outfit- love the guitar sweater, love the bright boots! Love the journal as usual,and especially love the reference to Board games! x

  22. Your outfit is so rad! Glad to have found your blog <3

    Colour Me Classic

  23. Great outfit Teddi! You've really stayed true to the inspiration photo but given it such a cool, eclectic vibe. I like the stripes and caramel together, and I wish I could find tops with great prints like this one. Androgynous photos get you thinking which I love.


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