Monday, October 10, 2011

broken social concert

These are photos of the band Broken Social Scene,
that we saw at ACL

According to a video interview hereon Slacker Radiothe band is taking a hiatus.
They say they aren't fighting or anything, but they just need a break.
I think more bands should do that, if they need to, honestly.
There were some people who brought hula hoops.

Someone brought a skeleton Stewie.
There were people who brought balloons.
There were many, who brought flags.
I brought my ear plugs. I really like this band. I'm just trying to protect my ears.

This is someone's video from that day.   
Why oh why, did they stop filming in the middle of the 
guitar solo?


  1. That video is good. :D

  2. i just saw the video and sounds like a great band! outdoor concerts are so fun!! i've only been to 2 or 3 and really enjoyed them :) the balloons in the air: CUTE.. the skeleton Stewie: CREEPY hahaha i love Stew!


  3. Hi Teddi what a great event... I love and enjoy sooo much of music, and this group is amazing...


  4. Hula hoops, balloons and Stewie Griffin. What a classic!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    rocky road trippin'


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