Tuesday, October 11, 2011

like painted fuschia

 The weather is cooling off, here in Texas. We are down to 86-76 degrees. Some would think it's still feels like Summer.

For us, when we
 no longer have to run our air conditioner 24 hrs.
 a day, it's a new season.

Photo captured by my guy.
I busted out my hat, when we had some pouring rain.
It's been a nice relief from the drought.
It beats the 106-110 degree heat we had all Summer.

I also wore my boots that can get wet.
   I plan to take these boots with me, when I go to the snowy mountains, this coming Christmas.

 Last weekend we went to an art walk.
That's me in front of the windowed doorway. 
I'm the nondescript figure behind the pile of pumpkins.

One very pretty mosaic column.
A painting by an artist I can't name.

My fave designer Anna Sui.
Here's a fuschia look from
 Anna Sui Fall RTW 2011 collection.
Graffiti artist I saw in Queens.

The sky painted like fuschia.


  1. Your outfit is so artsy I love it.

    In Indiana we are back to 80 degree weather everyday...ugh...I want the "cool" Fall weather to hit us.

  2. your purple stockings is pure awesomeness
    that last pic is just gorgeous!


  3. i want a pair of boots like that! wow, 116 degrees in summer????? my Gosh, i thought i lived in hot weather (95 degrees) hahaha the hottest day was 102 degrees and i was slowly cooking haha

    love those pics (i always do) your blog always has an artistic vibe<3


  4. Anna Sui is amazing! I love her makeup, aside from actually being really good at being makeup it also comes in really gorgeous bottles/lipstick tubes. It's all so fairytale-esque, in a sort of dark way.

    Can't believe you think that heat is 'cool'. Over here in London you'd probably freeze x'D I'm so jealous, I wish it was that warm right now!

  5. I am totally crazy about the entire outfit!!!You look great, and amazing boots!

  6. I have to say it's a nice color. :D

  7. really unique and lovely post :))


  8. What a stunning photo that first one is.. that sunset is gorgeous. Wow I can't believe how hot Texas is!!!

  9. uyy thats boots are amazing, I want one of that... the last pictures was super great... besos

  10. that color is fabulous! love it



  11. I'm not into pale pink but I think this tone does add a pop of colour to any look :)

  12. Anna Sui was one of the reasons I became interested in fashion. :) I visited her boutique in SoHo (I believe) when I was 14 and thought, I wanna design dresses like these. ;)

    Love the combo of colours and prints in your outfit! And the bag, too. It all goes perfectly together.


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