Friday, October 21, 2011

orange outfits, pumpkins, & stuff

It's definitely feeling like fall here in Texas.
We turned on the heater this week.  
Do you recognize the characters,
 on the painted pumpkins for sale?

Here's some outfits that make me think of Autumn.
Bluegirl Fall 2011 RTW
Blumarine Fall 2011 RTW
Aquascutum Fall 2011 RTW
Aquascutum Fall 2011 RTW
Bluegirl Fall 2011 RTW
Is that a look of disbelief on my niece?
My nephew & brother,
 at the pumpkin patch.
Close up of my art journal pg. 1
My sis-n-law with my nephew.
Close-up of my other art journal pg. 2
Autumn garland I made my friend,
 for her birthday.
Close-up shot of the garland.
My twin nieces having a good time,
 in their pumpkin outfits.
My I love fall art journal pg.
My nephew as a pumpkin.
More painted pumpkins for sale.
My smiling niece with the sun in her hair.

I recently learned how to play this song on guitar. 
Well except I don't know how to do the solo.

I'm Amazed Lyrics
Artist(Band):My Morning Jacket

i'm amazed at the quiet ocean
i'm amazed at your warm devotion
i'm amazed at what the people sayin'
i'm amazed by a divided nation

like the rhythm of the earth i get disrupted

i'm amazed at all that has been
i'm amazed at all that will be
i'm amazed at the tv stations
im amazed at what they want me to believe

after all is said and don- where is the justice?

i'm amazed- at the lack of evolution
i'm amazed- at the lack of faith
i'm amazed- at the love we rejecting
i'm amazed- at what we accept in its place

like the rhythm of the earth
and the rhythm of the ages
like the rhythm- i get disrupted


  1. I love orange! Those pumpkins are so cute:) i wish i lived in the US so I could see a real Halloween, in Australia it isn't as good. Thanks for your sandwich suggestion:) also your niece is so cute.

  2. Awesome fashion picks, as always. :) The looks on your niece's face are priceless! "Like the rhythm, I get disrupted" is such a brilliant line.

  3. lovely post! it's haloween time!

  4. Such a wonderful post! I love it all! Your journal pages are so pretty. I have been collecting ideas for my art journal, I think i'm gonna do some fall inspired pages today :)

  5. I love orange! These photos are really cool!! =)

  6. omg the pumpkins are so cute :)

  7. I love all of the pumpkins!!! Halloween makes me so happy. :) Fall is the best time of year.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. I'm not much of a fan of jam bands anymore, but MMJ gets a pass. Good songwriting.

  9. beautiful pictures! :) pumpkin is everywhere, Halloween is coming very soon. you had a very cute niece. want to hug them :)

  10. great photos and post dear! and i love all of the dresses from the fashion week <3

  11. thanks for the comment love,nice post! come back anytime to check out my blog?if u like it follow me?

  12. awww really really love this post!!!! halloween is so nice!!


  13. I love FALL!
    And thank you for your sweet seriously made my day brighter.
    You are amazing. :)

  14. hi there thanks for the lovely comment, the scarf is from Chanel
    see u around

  15. I love these looks with a touch of orange! looks really cool! x

  16. I always enjoy Halloween whenever it rolls around, those painted pumpkins are adorable!! :)

    The Cat Hag

  17. Looked at all the fun and how cute! I love Fall too! and the orange for Fall, yes!

  18. Lovely post! Haloweeeeeeen! xx

  19. I like the look from Bluegirl and pictures with pumpkins!


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