Thursday, October 13, 2011

like fairies

 I've never dressed as a fairy.
Here are my twin nieces, wearing part of their Halloween costumes early.

If I did dress as a fairy, maybe I would wear shoes like this.

While I danced around a garden, in this dress.

I could sprinkle pixie dust, that I carry, in this purse.

If I felt like wearing a different fairy dress, this one would also, appeal to me.

If I can have more than one fairy dress, why can't I have more than one fairy purse?

Doesn't she look like a fairy?

This blouse, with 


this skirt is like magic.

When I asked my husband if these looked like fairy shoes, he said,

"I don't know what fairy shoes look like? Why are you asking me?"

Well because I'm a grown up, who still likes to play pretend. That's why.

I still haven't decided what I'm going to be for Halloween yet.

Have you?


  1. hahahha super cute post!!!!!! your nieces are so adorable as fairies.. and your hubby's answer made me laugh and reminded me of my boyfriend.. boys -.- if you find the right fairy costume, please share it with us!! i haven't decided yet hmmm


  2. It just made me want to dress as a fairy ! These two little girls are so cute !
    Do you want to follow each other ?
    Just let me know..



  3. The last skirt is amazing!!!I am a big fan of that shop!Happy weekend honey!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, Tedi me too. I still haven't decided what I'll be going as... but seeing this whole fairy theme has certainly got me thinking about taking a more fantasty-esque approach with my costume -how fun! And your nieces are so cute, ah! As for your question on my blog? I don't consider myself a vegetarian because I will eat meat (organic) once in a blue moon, but yup, my diet is primarily vegetarian. :)

    Haha, sorry long answer! Hope your weekend is fabulous. xo veronika

  5. So cute!
    P.S. I am SO jealous of all your amazing concerts you have been going to! Lucky you! :) xo

  6. Isn't it so great how kids can magically become whatever they want just because they want to? ;) You've certainly chosen wonderful pieces for one who has never dressed as a fairy. That green dress is gorgeous!

  7. Like their wings. :3

  8. WOW! Amazing! We love it so much all are fabulous!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  9. we really want the skirts! Great!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  10. yeah! I have the same problem for halloween haha :D

    Have a nice day


  11. Your twins are SUPER cuteeee!


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