Saturday, July 17, 2010

name that musician

two of these stumped me. all these pix were taken by my guy, from an exhibit we saw recently. the artist created fake albums with his own label that contained his name, the musician, & his print, etc.

and while i'm talking music (when aren't i?) yesterday, (taking care of some red tape biznatch for upcoming adventure), i got into a discussion with corporate business guy. surprised me. we're both going to see the same bands next week, (details later). he hasn't seen any of them live before, (i have). he thinks the drummer is crazy good, (my interpretation). he talked about the smiths, (for him it was all about the guitarist, NOT the singer). he dug on the cure. he hated 80's hair bands and music from the last years saying it was written my teens that only whined about high school problems. he mentioned the twin sisters from the pixies (cause to him the breeders didn't really count). i mentioned high fidelity, he asked the movie? i said the movie & THE BOOK. then he went off on john cusack's cameo in sixteen candles & his fave cusack movie
better off dead. i said you play don't you? what do you play? he plays the drums, but not very well, only for fun. he has an uncle & a family of drummers. i said i knew it. he said why? i said you're left handed. so left handed, right brain? he asked. i explained my reasoning (only those of you who know will understand why i suspected drummer).
the last photo reminds me of a velvet picture that used to hang in my grandparents & later, my grandma's house. yep my grandpa was a horse guy. ..."It's an orangy sky. Always it's some other guy. It's just a broken lullaby. Bye bye love"...-The Cars

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