Sunday, July 18, 2010

da da da...

these are my new shoes i graffitied with a marker. yesterday went to the rubber stamp convention with my girl. where we got mildly lost on the way (not the same girl i got lost with on thurs though). i spent a lot of money on rubber stamps. that i might or might not show, depending on my mood. one lady said, "i like your ..." (she was pointing to my earrings, shirt, headband...) then looks me up & down. like a guy when he's checking you out. she looks overwhelmed & says "i just like how well it all looks. how you put everything all together." thank you. (creepy?)
while a demonstrator was explaining her products she tells me she already knows my personality. i'm like, huh? scary! you only met me what? 5 min ago. when she hands me her card. i say why would i want this? so you can try to sell me something? she says, "no. i don't sell. i show. it's so you'll remember." (does that like a anyone else? ) then later she whispers as she walks by, "i like you, cause you're sassy." (um...ok?)

and speaking of sassy, does anyone out there remember the short lived fashion magazine (from back in the day) called sassy. i used to subscribe, as a teen. it was pretty cool. well until it wasn't cause it got too commercially mainstreamed.

now back to the stamp convention, at my fav booth, (where i spent all my $) another lady, yes a dif one, asks me if i'm a musician. i said, uh.. yeah, (but not a good one)why? she said, "your t-shirt." (my t says, i love my music. i thought it meant my collection of music, ya know, albums, etc.. not music i created or anything). then she asks me what i play. i say guitar. "well what?" a fender (but it's a piece of garbage & i want a new one, but can't afford it). she says, "i play an acoustic. i play blue grass music." (i smile politely & try not to gag. well good for you. have a nice day). this whole blog post is very long & snarky. must be in a mood. i'll be surprised if any of you actually read the whole thing.

my girl & i went tried to eat at a chinese restaurant, but none of the ingredients were listed on the menu. how am i supposed to know whether the food is gonna make me sick or not? hello? my face was itching from the spices in the air. and the server couldn't tell me what was in the food. he'd never even tried the desserts. he said he didn't eat there cause he was allergic to soy sauce. (they don't put soy sauce in their dessert. do they? gross!) i said well i'm allergic to soy sauce too. then we got up and left. we went to a supposedly french bistro which actually reminded me of a cafeteria. i don't know if anything was fresh there. it was only okay. but at least i didn't have to pay for a server. we both ate basil tomato soup. she had a potato gallete. i had a pesto bread like cheese straw & a few bites of a nasty spinach puff pastry (i took home for my guy to inhale). she also got a choc crossaint. that reminded me of those ones you can get at the grocery store bakery. she also bought a lemon tart. which i took a small bite of. it tasted like that no bake cheesecake made with lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk. let's just say i was unimpressed.

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  1. that bread at the bottom looks amazing. I agree with ingredients not being listed... garlic makes me sick and at the start of not asking about whats in food I kept being incredibly ill after being in restaurants so i had to stop!
    That stamp convention looks class.. Ive never really got the hang of stamps.. I feel quite uninspired when it comes to stamps but people do amazing work with them!


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