Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my happy mail

here is my newest happy mail. a head band i bought from the lovely katja. below is her etsy shop link. well u can C the last pic is doofus me tryin 2 wear it.


  1. i LOVE it!!! I have no idea what im going to do with my hair for a wedding in two weeks... Who gets married on friday the 13th of august?! My friend does!!! Eejit! Anywhoooo.... I hopefullllly will have a beautiful beehive if my hair can get like that... and a blossom like that!

  2. aaaaw, you are way too cute <3 and it looks really pretty on you! so glad you like it <3

    and thank you again very much!!!!!!

  3. awwww how pretty!!! I wish I could wear headbands. My head is shaped funny and nothing looks right on me :( You are super cute in it!


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