Monday, July 12, 2010

carter gets modern

clearly we can't take photos inside the museum. i tried to find very similar pieces by some of the artists that we saw. i found it refreshing that many of the artists were female. We looked through the book first. whispering why i did or did not like a piece & breaking down the colors into shapes, forms, textures, & shadows. then we saw them. it was very different standing in front of the pieces looking at brush stokes or size alone. it's such a different experience compared to the flatness of pictures in a book. the pieces inspired me to want to cut wood into interesting shapes, layer pieces of wood and paint to add dimension.

quotes by the artists featured:
"A painting should begin and end with itself? by Rhod Rothfus
"In back of all my work is the image and the symbol. I compose my work pretty much as a poet does, only instead of the word I use the plastic form for my images"by Louise Nevelson
"To my mind there is no such thing as classic art, medieval art, or modern art. There is only one art-art.creative, true eternal. no past art or future art. art one and only one. same like the ocean, the sea.. to my mind art never changes. In ancient times like today, The same forms. The same principles, the only change is expression." by Jean Xceron
"After I went thru a lot of violent historical upheavals in my early life. I came to prefer a search for an ideal harmony, and order which is still a free order, not militaristic not symmetrical, not goose stepping, not academic." by Ilya Bolotowsky
"Art must no longer reinforce differences. Art must serve the world's new sense of communion. We practice the technique of joy." by Alfredo Hlito
"Art since its inception , has never depended upon realism. Why, one cannot help wondering should it begin now?"... by Charles Green Shaw
"For me, abstraction is real, probably more real than nature." by Josef Albers
"A work of art does not represent anything. A work of art is." by Judith Lauand
"I see more when it moves. I see more when I move my head then when I keep still... I like to see the lights creeping up along the surface, moving along , & then, all of a sudden disappointing." by Jose' De Riveria
"Vibrations perceived by a viewer wen lines or colors are placed side by side or intersect." "I surmised that through music it would be possible to discover a different way of handling the elements of a painting that would agree with my idea of abstraction, a different way of deciphering the universe." by Jesus' Rafael Soto

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