Thursday, July 15, 2010

journaling for a cause

my online friend janel is trying to raise money to adopt a child in the next year or two so she is hosting this online journaling class for only $10.00. Those past pages are examples of some of her work.
The class will begin July 26 (a Monday) and go on for 30 days :) A new prompt and challenge, every single day!!
Once you purchase your spot, you will receive the blog address and password for the class within 24 hours click on this link for more details about the class. this link is to janel's blog :)


  1. is it tenderness?!

    i swear i didn't look that up either! i always think of that scene when i see that song on vh1 lists of one-hit wonders and stuff like that.

    i love love love fast times at ridgemont high. i get the hankering to watch it all the time :).

    it's crazy how alike we are. virtual high five!

  2. did you join the journaling class? I did.

  3. yeah i think that's the way i would go too. when i get married. hopefully my future husband has that desire too.


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