Monday, June 7, 2010

went walking

here's what i found interesting & why. no this house didn't get toilet papered. the bumper sticker is so classically texan. one of the blogs i read recently went to austin and said oh they didn't just have a walgreen's they had a texas walgreen's. yep that sounds about right. awhile ago i saw another bumper sticker that said i wasn't born in texas but i got here as quick as i could, uh huh. i think it's weird in texas how it says fire lane no parking, but it's right in front of the parking spaces where everybody parks. i don't get it.

yeah our shadows look like weirdos & i'm swaying from just getting off the swing.

Oh, how i love children's sidewalk chalk!

check out the wood fences how none of them match. do you think it's bizarrzo too?

i've mentioned how people put out their trash in front of the yard. now you can see for yourselves.

birds, birds everywhere, but i can't seem to get any decent pictures of them. and i thought the heart muffler was cute. do you?

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