Monday, June 28, 2010

painting with a twist

yesterday was the fundraiser at painting with a twist. 100% of price of class went to local children's hospital. here's a link it was packed as you can see if you look at my pictures.

on the walls are other paintings they've made in the past. we listened to 70's music while i schooled my painting neighbors with info about songs or artists. the girl beside me asked how do you know so much about this stuff are you into music or something? the teacher asked the class if anyone besides her saw the band chicago the day before. i asked if they came with peter cetera. she said no the doobie brothers (i don't think she realized peter cetera was chicago's old lead singer).

after we finished she was walking around looking & commenting on everyone's work. she looked at mine and said you follow your own drummer don't ya? i do indeed. i already felt like a sheep i didn't want my painting to look like anyone else's.

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  1. wow those pictures are beautiful, so many artists!!! I love this idea its awesome!
    P.S did you ever get the letter I wrote back to you on Facebook?


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