Monday, June 14, 2010

at the pool

at first he wasn't too sure about the water. he was very hesitant waiting and watching patiently. no one was too sure about the red things people could use to squirt water in our faces. the ball was his entryway. then when the lifeguards blew the whistles and we had to get out of the pool because of the lightening he was mad. check out the expression on his face with his mommy.

i have never seen so much to do nor so many lifeguards at a public pool. of course it grew hotter & back in the water we went. it was fun. my favorite part was going down the big slide.

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  1. Hi Teddi. I am Kim's sister Amiee. Thank you for posting these pics of Kim and Tristen. They are so adorable. It looks like he was having a good time.


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