Sunday, June 20, 2010

mr. steamy

I totally saw a commercial for this product today. The name is Mister Steamy. The spray stuff is called Sure Shot liquid.

Does anyone else think those names sound creepy? Anyway Mr. Steamy is this ball thing whatever that you throw in the dryer. It's supposed to take the place of ironing, cause Americans are lazy. Well the Downy ball works. This is what I saw about Mc Steamy, I mean Mr. Steamy in reviews.
Mr Steamy Test Results
  • With both wet and dry clothes, everything still looks as wrinkled as when she started.

  • The Sure Shot Liquid escapes from the ball and leaves sticky water droplets and spots on her clothes.

  • Some viewers said that it creates more static cling and does not work even on towels

    Blah, blah, blah save your money. I will never stop being amazed by duhness.

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  1. You know, all you have to do to "fake iron" is throw whatever it is in the dryer with a damp wash cloth. Family trick used in those "Oh crap, I forgot to iron my dress" moments. :)


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