Tuesday, June 1, 2010

alice in wonderland

finally saw this movie wished it would have been in 3D, he was afraid the 3D would make me dizzy. i wished the theater didn't smell like urine which he insisted the urine smell was popcorn. i don't think so. i know that's what happens when you only pay $1.75 per ticket.

it wasn't the same old story we've heard before. it was familiar, but new. didn't know what was going to happen next. which made it interesting and intriguing. more like a fairy tale.

..."That's what I must be. I've been told what I must do, and who I must be...It's my dream I decide"...

Alice was less whiny. the queen said "it's better to be feared than loved."

more quotes: "you can not live your life to please others cause when you step out and face that creature you must step out alone."

"it wasn't a dream. it was a memory."
"it's impossible if you believe it's impossible."
"you can't help if you don't know who you are."
"I'm not going to die. I'm going to transform."

"There are questions I have to answer. Things I need to do."
"Be back before you know it."
and i discovered the neatest site with fashion and fun http://www.polyvore.com/

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