Saturday, January 16, 2010

telegraph canyon

the place was packed. we had to wait in line out the door. when we finally got inside, pushed our way to the front. chatterton the 2nd band was fun. i loved the guy's silver glitter guitar!

telegraph canyon was the headliner. their music reminds me of band of horses (one of my fav bands) and a fleet foxes fusion. they are this ensemble with such a variety of musical instruments and sounds beautifully blended together. afterwards i complimented lead singer on the show. he said, "i like your shirt." i look down at my shirt, (what was i wearing? oh, black weezer t shirt over royal blue long sleeve). "thanks."

i call to the keyboard guy as he walks away, "hey, did you teach that screenprinting class in dallas?" he turns around looks, does double take and walks back.

"i can't believe this is your band. i love your band!" (i had dogged so badly when he compared them to arcade fire last spring saying there's no way i would like them. isn't the first time and won't be the last time i made a wrong assumption.) just goes to show i can't tell whether i'll like someone's music until i actually listen!(yeah someone told me about this band last summer,i wasn't hearing it, but i'm not stubborn or anything,Ha-ha).

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