Sunday, January 10, 2010

roller world

it was time to go skating/blading (whatever you call it).

parliament's flashlight played.
michael jackson insisted billie jean wasn't his lover (we know that was probably true).

barbie girl made me want to hurl. ashlee simpson sang i didn't steal your boyfriend (touche').

some familiar song i couldn't place stated all those things you said, running through my head... this is not enough.

while owl city said please get me away from here... and nothing it as ever as it seems.

roxette had to bring back the memory of some old boyfriend's mix tape that wanted me to listen to my heart before i told him goodbye. all i could think was i always try to listen to my heart, but sometimes my heart gets mixed up.

then there was vertical horizon
saying something about everything you want.

we got tired.

i put on my 4 year old purple suede thrift store find boots. the pair that when the zipper broke, he went to the store, bought a new zipper and hand sewed it, inside, for me.
yep that's the man i married. a football game was on their tv, and i decided what i wanted was a pizza.

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