Sunday, January 17, 2010

poison cherry

poison cherry is a glam rock poison copy band. before they played it was 3rd wave and the one hit wonderfuls. i talked to the girl lead singer mary. she told me they were on facebook and the link to her "real" band was on there. okay i like to dance and have a good time. i've seen the real poison and bon jovi live. i was an 80's hair metal chick back in the day,but this is fake! it's like playing dress up with halloween costumes. i love halloween. it's fun once in awhile, fun for a day, but it isn't real. i don't mind covers. if you ask me what i'd rather see or experience it would be original music performed from someone's heart that they really feel. something that is genuine, and not some cheap imitation. of course that doesn't stop me from being wowed by some musician dancing his fingers up and down the fretboard like they're magic or the drummer throwing his sticks in circles in the air catching them one handed,while keeping the beat steady. all this while the lights flash, the smoke machine releases, and the sound of voices echoes in the room vibrating and pulsating.

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