Sunday, October 25, 2009

long ago

A long time ago I dated two different guys with the same name. (yeah I didn't have caller Id, and it was totally confusing). I wasn't really into either one. I took off for Cali, and that ended.

Months later, I got a call from one of them asking for my photograph and suggesting we were still friends, (as if). I want to thank him though, because I thought if he has enough guts to call me, I could certainly call this J guy. Months had passed since we'd met, running into each other on campus, and everyone whispering how he liked me, but that's all it was. I wasn't sure about any of it. We never actually had a conversation!

So I made the best decision of my life, which was to dial that number, and we talked for hours. We had our first date the next day, and thus it began.

Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't taken a chance cause he was too shy, shy.

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