Sunday, October 25, 2009

the felons

The first meeting was a month ago. We missed their set because we didn't know what time they went on.

He's kind, hopeful, and eager.Like the puppies on his phone. He tried to appease me with. Will this make you happy? He slides the cd across the table. Of course I smile. I love free music. Especially when it's good. I know this is. I wonder if he'll stay this way.
Or just get jaded.

Second meeting.
He approaches our table. Thanks us for coming. Apologizes for not getting back with the radio show email. I say it's fine since I had art class (which is true). He wants us at the next show.
He offers us a round of drinks if we attend. I shrug my shoulders. It'll depend on what other bands are playing that night.
(I am thinking that twice I told another band I would go to their event, but I am here. All I drink is water. If I want to see a show it'll be because I want to hear the music.)

I don't need another making empty promises. You can take your empty promises and burn them,blow them away. Light them on fire, As they turn into the smoke and mirrors you hide behind.

So I guess the person who's jaded is actually me.

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