Friday, November 14, 2008

Battling and Brushing

She asked Who sang this song because she loved it,
 and I told her. Then she said, Girl you know your music.
I said I just wish I could play it as well as I know it.
I’m learning and trying, but it’s slow going. 

Then someone else asked if I took music lessons too. Yes I said.
(I knew her husband was battling. He’d been battling for years. He’d battled so much that every time they’d manage one thing he’d get something different.  I knew he was going in for another surgery tomorrow. I know he has brushed several times). 

Then I walked up to her and whispered,
When you come so close. When  you brush with it more than once, you try to fill it up, Ya know?

She said, Yeah, I do. I do know.

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