Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Mom and Cousin Andy’s Visit

It was nice to share my life with them. For them to be in the same space as I. To breathe the same air. It didn’t feel long enough, and it went by too quickly.

She said he showed her on the map and she realized how far away from home we really are.

She kept saying it was so hot, humid, and flat here. She was missing the mountains. She said everything cost more. She said people are friendly and nice.

We hugged. We talked. We laughed. We disagreed. We loved. We shared. I cried.

She said you are learning and seeing new things.
She said it had it’s own beauty.

We went to the art museum, where JFK got shot museum, and the Holocaust Museum.
We got stuck in traffic.
I got lost.
We sang along to Otis Redding in the car.
Did they find any cowboys? No.

There will always be room here, anytime they want to come back.

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