Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dell Rocks Art Tent

We're at Austin City Limits and
I see this graffiti covered tent so of course I have to go inside.

There's a dj with music blarin'. People are checkin out computer games and dancin.'

All of the art is by artist Mike Ming, and it's everywhere. People are standin in line gettin their hair braided. All the art you can create there is free. Make your own
 buttons or design your own screen print on a
t shirt using his art. 

As we're diggin through pile of screen print options this girl is talkin bout New Orleans where she lives.

I ask her how is New Orleans? She said It's good. We loved it when we were there. We didn't want to leave.

Last time we were there was maybe 10 years ago. She says The last time I was there was like yesterday.
I asked her what's it like at halloween there?
She said, It's crazy!

My favorite t shirt example and cool fashion screen print girl.

Did you make it? I asked about her skirt which I totally LOVE. No, I got it at the thrift store. (my fav place to shop, but haven't found any where I live).

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