Monday, June 23, 2008

Texas weather

Welcome to Texas thunderstorms. The skies are beautiful.

Can you see that the trees look like broccoli tops? The winds were blowing hard when I dropped John's parents off at the airport car rental, last Tuesday June 17. The rain was pouring. I thought there was going to be a tornado warning, but I never heard anything.

By the time they got their car, I hugged them goodbye while holding back the tears. The storm was over, and the sun was shining on my way home. The cloudy skies are frequent and brief, but mostly we have sun. It's a different heat. My allergies are a mess, either that or it's a cold. I sound like a smoker with my voice and cough. I hope it's temporary.

John's parents were a huge help. Dad drove the big truck that hauled all our stuff and John's truck. This was the truck with the leaking wood stain that got all over the trailer that they had to clean with gasoline before it could be returned. The shredded tire was also on the lovely trailer too.

Everyone worked so much. I told them they didn't have to do anything, but they didn't listen. They did yard work, unpacking, cleaning, painting, window washing, etc... I know where my husband got his work ethic. He got a promotion and was working late nearly every day then staying up late working at home too.

I only got the one photo of them all together when we were in New Mexico. I kept telling them they could move to Texas and get a cheap house, but they said "No way, it's too hot!"

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  1. So glad you are finding things you like there... Love ya Kaye

  2. Sounds like Texas is great. I have heard they have the best economy in the US right now. That is too bad about your allergies, I hope they get better.


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