Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Death Cab for Cutie Concert

Tues June 17, 2008
Total disappointment I have it rated in my bottom 3 concerts of all time. They rocked my favorite “Long Division.” The singer alone on his guitar on “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” which was great. They were extremely tight on “I Will Possess Your Heart” which I am so getting over because it’s being overplayed. I still love the band, but
1) Big arena
2) Tickets were $50.00 +parking $15.00 + t-shirt $20.00
3) We felt disconnected in the nosebleed section
4) People were sedated aren’t ya supposed to yell, scream, act crazy at a concert?
I hope this wasn’t any indication of Texas cause we have Warped Tour tickets July 3! I was thinking of Goo goo dolls last Aug and how what I really wanted was to see them 15 yrs ago in some little dive place before no one knew who they were.

Saw this movie about Kurt Cobain in March and in the movie he said
“The most exciting time for a band is right before they become really popular. I’d love to be in bands that just do that every two years.” He also said ”Without my choosing it’s become a job whether I like it or not. It’s something that I love doing, and I would always want to do, but I have to be honest, I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as I used to when I was practicing every night, imaging what it would be like the first couple of years of actually playing in front of a few people, and then loading up the van, and going to a rock show to actually play. The privilege of that I mean, you just can’t be reproduced after doing it for ten years.”
In April we were at a show and A Cursive Memory was playing, all the kids were dancing enjoying themselves, but not singing because they didn’t know the words. I was watching the band and the drummer was killing it, just smiling his little heart out, and they were having fun. I thought they love to play music. They are having the time of their lives! They’d play music just for themselves, even if there wasn’t an audience, and so they should. I just thought 'Keep Trying because it will come', but for your sake Do I want it to? Do I want you to lose this magic? I’d like you not to be broke playing for such tiny crowds. I’d like people to know and appreciate your music, but at what cost? If it takes away your happiness and the joy you get? No way! I’d rather you love it before it turns into something you are forced to do or pretend to love. I don’t want you to turn into entitled beasts of ugliness, like you expect praise and devotion.


  1. I am totally jealous, inspite of the bad review you just gave; I TOTALLY heart Death Cab. Totally. Not that I would have paid that much for tickets and parking, and the shirts are cheaper online... But still. Jealous.
    Hope you're loving Texas.

  2. Sounds like it was an interesting concert. I hate it when bands are better on their CDs than in concert. I totally agree about the little bands though, they play cause they love what they are doing and it makes the music better.


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