Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey, hey, good-bye old house

Well they Fed-Exed the papers this morning@ 9 AM. John left work to come sign. Good-bye old house on Fowler Av, that I never really loved. I only sort of liked or loved parts of you at moments. I never intended to live in you for as long as I did. We had some very good and very bad times in that house, for was it… 13 yrs?
“You were mine…Just for awhile…”-PINK
Wow! Didn’t take long to sell, did it? All of those who thought we were crazy to wait until we left. Ha! Only took 2-3 weeks, and c-ya. So let that albatross be someone else’s problem.
We did, have some very good neighbors. Which in honor of them here are some photos. Oh, and the guy who lived across the street, with the kids and the trampoline. What was his name? Bradley? Last Winter he plowed our driveway. Just to be nice. Jim, Erwin, and Bradley helping us whenever we bought heavy furniture like the fridge, entertainment center, etc…

Martha who brought little holiday presents of thoughtfulness, and invited me to go with her group where we did the Chihuly exhibit, movies, singing etc. Erwin your soul is very kind and giving. With your ultimate garage with every tool and comfort for a man. You shared it all. You have more than average skills. That man can make some beautiful things. And not just out of wood. When I was too sick and could barely walk. Erwin brought our garbage cans in and off the road, and he also plowed our sidewalk and driveway, when John was in NYC. No more snow shoveling here in Texas (we hope)! Hooray! Erwin drove me to and from work everyday after the accident when I couldn’t drive myself. Then he continued to water our lawn after we were gone. When we were loading up the truck onto the trailer (a different guy who lived exactly across the street from us. I wish I knew his name)everyone who helped us.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
“I’ll keep you locked in my head. Until we meet again…And I won’t forget you my friend. What happened…I’ll cherish… But I keep your memory…Who knew?” -PINK

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  1. Awesome reflections on your old house. Good to hear some of the good times you had.


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