Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Food Places

So all throughout New Mexico and Western Texas, along the highway, there were billboard signs in every town promoting a Dairy Queen or DQ. The way I’m used to seeing McDonalds everywhere. Which if you ever see the movie Super Size Me is sure way to stop that craving, but since I’m a vegetarian I don’t eat hamburgers anyway. I haven’t noticed any Dairy Queen where we live, yet.
I have seen a lot of Whattaburger and Sonic’s though. John says “The Texans love their doughnuts because they have doughnuts on every corner in every shopping center.” I don’t know if that is true or not. I haven’t found a decent pizza place yet. We tried one, and it was worse than Little Caesars plus I swear I had an allergic reaction cause my chin started itching so I didn’t eat that.
We did however find some amazing Texas ice cream called Blue Bell. You can get it at the grocery store. We tried it on our last visit here before we moved. A couple weeks ago John came from the store with his parents and I asked, “Did you buy ice cream?” “Huh?“ (cause anyone knows who me knows that I do love ice cream). “What kind?” “Rocky Road“ (Boring) and Birthday Cake.” “What kind of ice cream is birthday cake?” He tells me “You love cake and you love ice cream“… “Yeah, so I bet it’s totally gross.”
Well I was wrong as usual because he challenges me and (most of the time) surprises me in his delightful little way. This ice cream is vanilla based with actual pieces of chocolate cake in it (which is my favorite kind). Not just that, oh, no! This ice cream has chocolate sauce and confetti sprinkles throughout. It feels like you are at a children’s birthday party, and the only thing you are missing is the clown. How cool is that? (unless you’re scared of clowns like one of my friend's is). The point is, they recreated a feeling through food.
Speaking of ice cream the ice cream man just came down our block, and no I did not buy any, but I did take a picture. Hey, remember that Charmed episode? Now that was a show I got Grandma addicted to, I was such a bad influence.

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  1. Mmmmmm Ice cream. Sounds like that is a great flavor. Shane said he remembers that brand of ice cream from when he was on his mission in Alabama.


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