Tuesday, June 24, 2008

At the Car Wash

We went grocery shopping last Saturday it was so neat to look around, and see all the different things surrounding us. I felt we really are somewhere new aren’t we? It’s going to be fun to explore and discover all of this.
While we were in the parking lot leaving there were some kids with signs yelling “CAR WASH!” We passed, and I said, “Let’s stop. John we really do need the car washed.” It reminds me of one of those books I read by some older guy who said to stop at every lemonade stand, and buy some. So we turned around, and they were super excited. Apparently were raising money taking donations for their church (which there are no shortages of here, all kinds of different churches). They were so cute like the whole family or group of people working together to wash the car all at once like a team. They were having a blast squirting the water saying “Thank You!” They spoke Spanish all around me, and I told them “You are washing all the dirt away from New Mexico and Utah.”
The adult guy says “You were in Mexico?”
I said, “No, New Mexico. We just moved here.”
“Oh, ok from where?”
“from Utah”
He said, “Now your car is black.”
I said, “Yeah you couldn’t see that under all the dirt. It looked grey.”
He said, “Thank You So Much!”
I said, “No. Thank you! You guys did a great job!”
He said, “Welcome to Texas.”
I said, “Gracias! Enjoy your Sabado! Right?”
As we left they all said, “God Bless!”
I told John That was the best $5.00 car wash. It was worth more than $5.00. Look at how good our car looks! They dried it. They cleaned the tires…
“Honey, thank you for stopping, it reminded me of home.” I’m smiling and laughing through tears. Welcome to Texas indeed.

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  1. Sounds like a neat experience. It is great to hear how things are going in Texas :)


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