Wednesday, August 28, 2013

like a rose, or cinnamon bear...

or a lady that wishes the weather would cool down, cause she lives in hotter than fire and brimstone blazes Texas.

My skirt was thrifted.

And speaking of hot, doesn't this book cover
look like spicy fire?

...I have taught myself the recipes of my mother's people because these foods are for me as a chef, the easiest connections to the mysteries of who my mother was. Her identity remains stubbornly shrouded in the past, so I feed myself and the people I love the food that she made. But I can not see her face... from the book Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson

T-shirt: ancient like me.
Bracelets: gifts
Necklace: too old to remember where it came from too. 

Maybe I should have titled this post "old lady wears old things"? Don't answer that.  ;)

I've since donated these Payless Shoes,
because I hardly ever wore them.

Anja Gockel Fall RTW 2013
Alice + Olivia Fall RTW 2013
Alice + Olivia Fall RTW 2013

My guy jumping rope in our back patio

My nephew Speed Racer found his Mickey Mouse ears.They were from his grandma.
Would believe that I've never been to Disneyland or Disney World? True story.

My nieces EJ, Lil Bug, and nephew JJ.
When they were at the zoo, a stranger was trying to get her child to smile and kept saying cheese.
JJ thought she was talking to him and he did it, well not in the above photo.
 That one was taken months ago.

My art journal page from June 13, 2013
Just when it feels like nothing is going right:
something good cheers the bad stuff away, for a moment.
Love him so.

..."I thumb through the pictures,
And know them all.

They said, "Do you remember when you saw her last"
I said, "Her skin is cinnamon, 
Her skin is cinnamon."

I have too many stories, keeping it serious,
Some are collectors, some keep it straight,
It was a hospital,
I was delirious,
I clung to the stretcher
And drew them a heart."... Cinnamon by The Long Winters


  1. well if you're an old lady who wears old things, than i am in that club, as well!!! i love your fiery red hair!!!

  2. Such a coincidence, I have a similar skirt and a similar pair of shoes! You look gorgeous, always! And by the way, you are not old! What's old? Nothing, really! Just history! And even then, just some parts!
    I loved the pics of your nephews and nieces, they are growing so fast, time flies! And your art journal is amazing! Today I heard something quite similar... "when things seem to be going wrong, then all is possible!" It means, a right thing will happen! denisesplanet com

  3. I really like the quote from your book. Is it funny? I love funny memoirs. On a totally different topic, I think your blog is having comment problems via bloglovin. When I go through bloglovin, the comments don't work. But it does if I type in the name of your blog directly in the address bar.

  4. never been to world or land either. I think Daisy said she went to Disney Land as a kid. She's begging me to go to Disney world.

    I had a co-worker say she went to World on her honeymoon, and her husband has a phobia of rides, even the kiddie rides. If I was her, it wouldn't have been a long marriage. She's still happily married.

  5. I say it every other comment I write, but I love that you use themes to tie together pieces of your posts, and that there's a pattern to them over time. It's a nice balance of predictability and surprise. These colours are ravishing on you. And the Anja Gockel sweater is making my heart sing.

  6. Beautiful words Teddi! Love your AW13 selection and art journal :)

  7. that blue and silver wallpaper is super similar to one of our wallpapers so it created this nice deja vu feeling. haha and now I noticed those leopard print booties too. I have a similar pair and autumn means I can wear them again.
    you wear such nice jewellery here and those sunnies are cool too. oh and talking about donating, I should do the same!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. How fun and cool is that skirt
    Love the style and the colors

  9. Oh lovely, you are not old!!!
    Love your shoes, wish you had donated them to me ;) and always adore your bracelets!

  10. Beautiful post, Love your fashion selection adorable skirt shoes and art journal, You look absolutely gorgeous!

    Thank you for lovely comments, have a great weekend

  11. Those Fall looks are beautiful! Your look is so chic too!


  12. Ah, it feels like it's been forever since I've said hi! (I am so sorry about that, I've been slacking really badly but I've missed you terribly, your posts always make me smile so much.) I think you rocked this look so much better than the inspiration picture, you've got so much personality and sass that you can totally pull of these pants! (Rather than Kristin who sorts of wear stuff because it's trendy.) I love the Marcus Samuelsson bit, his life story is just crazy and inspiring, he's quite the dude!

  13. Ooo, I want that Anja Gockel turtleneck. And that black Alice + Olivia cardigan while I'm at it. ;) I really love that first quote. I don't know the whole context, but my mom is an amazing cook (totally didn't get passed down to me) and I'll probably always be trying to cook like her. It actually made me think of my sister-in-laws, too, who are Brazilian and German. They love to cook Portuguese/German food for us whenever possible.

    Side note - I love kids' smiles in photos. They're never fake, even when they're forced for a photo. Your nieces and nephews are absolutely adorable. :)


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