Monday, September 2, 2013

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 Today's inspiration monday!
That's when the ladies Nora and Megan of Two Birds Boutique
chose an outfit to inspire an outfit.

Here's my version of the look.
To see how others were inspired
go to:
inspiration monday: short and sweet.

Today's inspiration is:
Kristin Cavallari

My sleeveless top was thrifted.

My pants were thrifted.

I watched the excellent movie
Soul Surfer featuring AnnaSophia RobbIt's based on the book and true story of Bethany Hamilton.

My guy trimmed our front bushes, and fixed the screw in our front door.
So far he's been to Home Depot three times this weekend.
He doesn't think he done yet, either.

I finished reading Learning to Live Outloud by Piper Laurie.

...I haven't realize dear Uncle Shmule's expectations for me of a perfect and blessed life, but I've been useful. And I've had a lot of fun, more than you ever allowed yourself.
And Mother... do you know that long ago...
 I stopped being that frightened child you saw gazing through the train window, yearning only to be part of the speaking world?
I suspect you do...

from Learning to Live Outloud by Piper Laurie

My nephew JJ with is grandpa

My twin nieces EJ and Lil Bug

My nephew Speed Racer on his tricycle.
Notice my brother's basketball on the cooler behind him. 

My art journal page from June 3, 2013
I wonder...

If I'll ever go out for doughnuts again.
Since most of them are made with eggs.

Today my guy surprised me with these.
It had probably been about 2 years since I last ate a doughnut.


  1. My mom buys donuts all the time, she falls for the krispy kreme coupons way too much.

    A couple years of that made me rather distasteful for them.

  2. Love your pants!! Your house is so cute!!
    Do you not eat eggs? I LOVE doughnuts! Cinnamon and chocolate glaze are my favourite!

  3. Your guy sounds awesome. Fixing things and bringing me donuts would totally melt my heart. Or even just one of those!

  4. i never eat doughnuts...what a nice surprise!! your pants look so cozy!!!

  5. Dear Teddi, I love your pants and as ever you are so good at styling your clothes ! I wanna see that movie with AnnaSophia Robb too, now...she's so lovely, loved her in the Carrie diaries and that story must be so powerful ! The book you were reading sounds so good, too ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  6. You look adorable! Love your top so much you styled it great! I wanna see that movie too, I'll try to find it here.

    thank you for lovely comments on my blog

  7. I love your top!!! And your nieces and nephews are so cute. Also, what a sweet surprise with the doughnuts. :)

  8. how cute are those pants
    love all of the pockets and the slouchiness

  9. how nice of your guy :) I haven't eaten doughnuts for years too but today I checked them out while visiting a supermarket. I didn't buy any though but your post kind of makes me hungry now. by the way, when it comes to buttons then yes, I sometimes wonder who owned the piece of clothing with those specific buttons :) these days most of the buttons are not that fabulous like they used to be in the past..

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. Your guy is a cutie :) and I enjoy your inspired outfit and the sewing on your journalpage...starbutton;) ♥ Conny

  11. yum, donuts! i love our top. your outfit is really cute. and i never saw soul surfer but i want to. heard it was inspirational!

  12. I like those pants a lot! Their shape is really cute. That was sweet of him to get you doughnuts, haha. I had one in February (I know it seems weird that I remember the exact month, but I know 'cause I was at my bro's house) and it was the first one I had had in years and it tasted gross, which surprised me. I think it's just 'cause it was Dunkin Donuts and not something better, but anyway ... your journal pages are always wonderful. I love how they capture simple thoughts and sentiments and turn them into something beautiful and physical. :)

  13. That's one chic outfit Teddi! I love the cargo pants too, I have few of them! You inspire me to wear them an pair them with heels!
    Ah! your nephew and nieces never fail to make me smile! ^◡^

    Fashionmoto Blog

  14. Hey My friend, how are you ? We need a new post from you soon, hehe =) Hope everything is ok, kisses !

    Fashion and Cookies

  15. Your hubby sounds like a real sweetie! The front of your house reminds me of a church. That room must get so much light from the windows on three sides.

  16. You are adorable!! As are your precious little nieces and nephews! Have you seen The Way Way Back? AnnaSophia Robb is in that too, and it's a great movie!


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