Friday, March 1, 2013

of stars with red and blue

Today my outfit is based on Style Imitating Art Challenge.
That's when Jess from Animated Cardigan choses a work of art,
 to inspire an outfit.

Here's my version of the look.
To see how others were inspired,
 go to:
Style Imitating Art: untitled.

Today's art inspiration is:
by artist Sol LeWitt 

I thought the lines in my skirt,
sort of mimicked the lines in the star.

My red skirt and my black boots were thrifted.

Now for some more red and blue fashion:

Anna Sui Spring RTW 2013
Can you see her star button?
 Can you see the red tie has a guitar on it?
How about the heart bracelet?

Left: Anna Sui Spring RTW 2013
Middle: Alice + Olivia Spring RTW 2013
Right: Betsey Johnson Spring RTW 2013

Those sunglasses, the jackets,
and the floral patterns are the best!

Anna Sui Spring RTW 2013
I adore the black lace detail on the back pockets,
the prints and the necklace!

Anna Sui Spring RTW 2013
I dig the clear clutch bag, and how it looks hand painted.
I also really like the hearts!

My art journal pages from
February 25, 2013

If you had told me five years ago that I was going to live in The Lonestar State, I would not have believed it. If you had told me at concerts that bands would sing: 
"The stars at night are big and bright"
 and have us, in the audience sing back,
"Deep in the heart of Texas"...
I would have been shocked.

Teenage me liked to look at the stars, and find the constellations:
The Big Dipper,The little dipper, and Cassiopeia. I thought I would like Astronomy class in college. No way!

It was too much math. I only passed it because my husband took it with me, and helped

Thank goodness for that. ;)

Now for the little stars in my life:

My nephew Speed Racer with his
 goldfish crackers.
Can you see the star shape on the bottom right photo?

Left: My nephew Baby JJ is standing
without an adult helping him.
Right: My twin nieces are trying to vacuum cause I told them they had to clean up the mess they made.

Now for my 11th favorite band Augustana:
from their All the Stars and Boulevards album.

...."Seems like I'm never coming home
Seems like I'm always on my oh.. 
All the stars and boulevards
 ain't close enough for you"... 
All the Stars and Boulevards by Augustana


  1. wow, I think you've done a brilliant job with that outfit! honestly, such a good job with those stripes and also the colours.
    and my gosh, those runway looks are just amazing. I really don't know how but you always find the coolest looks. I love the layers, that rock'n'roll'ish vibe, super unique jewellery, bold colours.. everything!
    oh and your little relatives are always so cute and funny. that vacuuming part made me smile :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. My nephew loves goldfish too. My mom gave him some for christmas the other year and all he could say was "Fish!"

  3. You nailed this! The colours and stripes are perfect. Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson were the first 2 designers I ever fell in love with (and the first 2 boutiques I visited the first time I went to NYC), so I love seeing them together! And yes, I see the star shape in the bottom corner. ;) You always pull everything together so well.

  4. Such a great post, and you totally nailed (as they say here :) the art proposal - the skirt is so much like that star! You look amazing, as usual! I also loved the art journal and the lyrics of the band! And your stars are really the most perfect ones! They are so cute and smiley! I love children so much!

  5. Teddi I love your skirt, it's awesome ! You look great ! I love the pics of your little stars (nieces and nephews) :) Kisses and hope you had a great sunday !

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  6. Love your skirt teddy the stripes are so cool and the plaid trousers from the collection :)

  7. I think you did a great job
    The colors are spot on and I love how the chevron skirt mimics the "chevron" within the star.

  8. Teddi your skirt is perfect for matching the inspiration! I love the line pattern its so fun and cute! I really like Alice & Olivia and Betsey Johnson Looks too. Hope you had a good weekend!

  9. Beautiful inspiration ! I recognize your artistic eye !
    I love your black boots !

  10. Awww, it's so cute when they first start standing up on their own! (and then they start running and oooh boy.)

    I love your art inspired look, I can actually see the inspiration in your outfit and I'm usually awful at seeing where people get inspiration. The colors are sort of a muted bright, if that makes any sense and I think that's part of what really came through in your outfit.

  11. wow love your red skirt! too too gorgeous ;)

    yea. I am loving Wilna F's class on two peas. You should sign up for the class if you are into mixed media or would love to use some art techniques on your scrapbooking project too!

  12. Love the journaling. The red white and blue with the stars is so cute. I like the runway looks as well.the first two are my fav

  13. You look Great!
    Do you like to follow each other?

  14. i absolutely LOVE blue and red together. that skirt is lovely and i love the heel on those boots! you have such fun clothes.

  15. Your art inspiration outfits are one of my favourite features on your blog. Your take on it is never too literal but you can see how the art has been translated into fashion. Well done!

  16. i love how original you are with your inspirations! you take something and make it completely your own. i have so much admiration for that.
    augustana was my soundtrack to 16, i love that you posted about them here <3


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