Friday, March 22, 2013

give me some white

Today my outfit is based on Style Imitating Art.
That's when Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey chooses a work of art to inspire an outfit.
Here's my version of the look. 
To see how others were inspired
go to: Style Imitating Art: Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

Today's art inspiration is:
Wanderer Above the Mist by artist
 Caspar David Friedrich.

I wore white like the clouds and the mist of the painting. 
Which could also appear to be white snow, or ocean waves.
The shades of blue are the sky, mountains, and his coat.
My shawl was thrifted.

Now for some all white ensembles.

Left: Blumarine Spring RTW 2013
Middle & Right: 
Bottega Veneta Spring RTW 2013

Left: Chanel Spring RTW 2013
Middle & Right: Chado Ralph Rucci Spring RTW 2013

Wearing all white is my nephew Speed Racer,
in his Luke Skywalker  Halloween costume with my brother.

Wearing white socks are my twin nieces and nephew.
 I learned my 2 year old nieces are teaching their 10 month old brother, Baby JJ, how to jump on their bed.  ;)

My art journal page with white and blue
from March 15, 2013

inspired by Art Class with Wilna Furstenberg.
Dear Sunshine,
I miss you when you are gone.
I get happy when you come back.

Love, Teddi :)

The Gaslight Anthem speaks to my soul. I adore them so.

..."The radio spoke to a good friend of mine.
And I could feel it coming up as the nights getting warm.
Saw your summer dress hanging on the back of the lawn.
Like a dream I remember from an easier time.
With the top rolled down on a Saturday night"...
Old White Lincoln 
by The Gaslight Anthem




  2. The inspiration art looks incredible!
    and I love the shawl as well! I love thrifted goodies :)

  3. great post!! and love ur inspiration and ur intreperetation of the character!! great poncho !!

  4. Always love your art journal pages, so inspiring.

    You could be one of Charlie's Angels in those boots, love it!!

    And so in love with the middle Chado Ralph Rucci dress, want!!!


  5. that's a cute costume. I remember when I was his age, my brothers and I loved the ninja turtles. Except early 90's costumes consisted of a plastic poncho and a cheap mask.

  6. LOVE the white elements... I'm so into white lately!

  7. the all white outfit theme.. quite a fabulous one for sure but when it comes to me I always manage to spill something on all white clothes. sad but true.. though I know I will try to create something all white this summer.. I just have to, after seeing all those inspirational shots from your post. oh and nice job with that challenge. your white boots look so classy!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. what a great poncho, but i will confess my not so great relationship with white boots
    that was a staple of our dance team uniform in high school and i don't think i could ever put on a pair again

  9. Dear Texas sunshine, can we borrow you in cold and dreary Ottawa someday soon? :) LOVE the thrifted shawl, that reminds me that I should bring mine out before it gets too warm to wear!

  10. You know I love your style, but this poncho now was the best! It's really really beautiful! And your nieces and nephews too! Not to mention the art journal, it's always so inspiring! I love the painting, will visit the "challenge's site" now!

  11. I recognized that painting instantly, it's on the cover of my copy of Zarathustra. (It's a fantastic painting, so moody and it always makes me think of the lower coastline along Alaska or Washington.)
    I love how your poncho/shawl works with your bright white boots, it's so eyecatching!

  12. fun look!
    that's the idea of fashion, having fun with it, don't you think?
    and white outfits..what can I say.. they're all so chic no?

  13. What a great post my friend ! Love the boots and the shawl is so pretty ! You are always inspiring :) oh and that Luke Skywalker costume is so cute...I am a Star Wars fan and my hubby is, too ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  14. How do you keep white footwear so pristine?? I've been reading that white shoes are, well, white-hot for this year so you're all set!

  15. I love this white inspirations ! The little Luke Skywalker is so cute !

  16. where do u get all the thrifted stuff? *amazed*


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