Monday, March 11, 2013

orange creamsicle

Today is Inspiration Monday!
When the ladies Nora and Megan from Two Birds Boutique
choose an outfit to inspire a look.
Here's my version of the look.
To see how others styled it
go to:
inspiration monday: days off.

Today's inspiration is:
               Olivia Palermo

Details of the orange guitar pick necklace my cousin made.
 I'm wearing a different top in this photo, but it shows the necklace better than the dress photos.

My friend's mom painted the pink flower bracelet.
My cousin made my orange bracelets.

My art journal page from March 10, 2013
inspired by this technique by Wilna Furstenberg.

I used to not like the color orange.
Now I rather like it. 

When I was little my favorite fruit was California oranges, and I adored fresh squeezed orange juice. Orange was my favorite soda. I liked orange sherbet and orange creamsicles.

Here's a photo of little me eating ice cream.
Now you can say you've seen me with my shirt off.


  1. Love your dress!!! And your bracelets! Your handwriting is so pretty!!

  2. cute little Teddi.. I used to love orange anything as a kid too, now that you mention it.. it was always orange freeze and orange sherbet, orange soda, orange juice boxes and orange ice Popsicles, those really large ones, you know?
    who's there?... orange? orange who?????

  3. wow, Teddi, what a wonderful outfit! let me tell you I used to dislike orange as well but then, not much time ago I fell in love with it and now wear it gladly.
    anyway, your outfit. the dress is gorgeous and so is the jacket. and how wonderful are white and orange together.. must try that combo! oh and of course I love your shoes. definitely one of your best outfits so far! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I have tons of photos of me and my brothers eatings ice cream when we were little. My brother brandon would always let our dog chip eat part of his.

  5. Yes! This is my favorite look from you! orange is your color! and I love how you put this together..and I like it better then the inspiration. As always great journaling.

  6. loving this look on you! it looks so chic and cool <3

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  7. omfg!!!! those tights are amazing!!! and love your wedges!!


  8. I've really grown to love orange. This outfit looks great!!

  9. That lace dress is gorgeous teddi! You look so darling in it :) And you matched the inspiration perfectly! (and made me crave an orange creamsicle)

  10. Such a cute outfit!! love that pop of tights!!

  11. you look so amazing! i love the orange, and that lacy dress is fab. i also adore the shoes. you always come up with such a great take on the Inspiration shot!

  12. Those orange tights are amazing!! I still haven't found the guts to wear such bright tights!

    If you have the time, I'd really appreciate it if you could pop by my blog where I'm hosting a giveaway for my little vintage etsy store:
    Hill Side Story
    Hill Side Story on FB

    xx Aliya

  13. I'm just the same about orange! It is not my favorite color, but somehow I started liking it! It happened again - I check your blog regularly, and the latest posts only "show" to me with a delay of 2 days, more or less. Son't know why - and you know it's not the first time I say this.
    Nevertheless, 2 days before or later, I must say I love all your combinations, the bracelets, the necklaces, the dress and sandals, and jacket! So nice! You always look gorgeous, but the pictures against the brick wall were fabulous!

  14. so cute, love your interpretation
    i think everyone wore a white dress except me, might have to think about adding one to the wardrobe

  15. LOL at your shirtless pic, haha so cute !!! I love orange and your outfit is da bomb, really ! Your orange tights are wonderful :) I also have a new outfit with a dress I think you might like cause it's a bit of your style (now we've been knowing each other for a while so I like to think I know your taste a little bit, haha ) Kisses my friend !

    Fashion and Cookies

  16. Hahah I love the last sentence ;) You look great in orange, it's not a colour I can pull off. And those shoes, dayum!

  17. Really cool take on Olivia's look! Super fab!

    ox from NYC!


  18. Hi Teddi, I love your outfit. Just wish I am able to pull off such loud n bright combinations. My have is your colorful wedges! so perfect !!

  19. I love this look so much!! I think it's one of my favourites. :) And I love the taste of orange juice more than anything in the world. I can drink it constantly.

  20. What a beautiful outfit ! Perhaps my favorite ! I love the romantic lace dress mixed with the pop pop pop orange tights and colored shoes, it's awesome ! I love the tons of bracelets together too !

  21. Ted! how long! were long months, but now I'm definitely back! I want to catch up, I feel immense miss you and all the other bloggers! I gave a revamped my blog, hope you enjoy!

    PS...i love orange!!

  22. wow i love the layout of your blog and how you show what your inspiration is for each outfit! might try something like that out. love the colours and im loving orange also at the min!

  23. Mmmm.... It's not showing me any new post... and I can't believe you didn't post anything since March 11th... I hope you are OK!

  24. Oh orange is a color I discover lately ;) love your outfit this time so much! and I adore the necklace ♥...can´t have a look at your journalpage... I think blogger have some problems with some kind of photos to show?!

  25. Teddi, you look DARLING! I love that you added some vibrant tights to the look. That orange denim jacket is so perfect with the pretty white dress. Everything about this outfit is freakin' adorable.

    May the force be with you.

  26. Hi Teddy, love the way you imitate the outfit of your inspiration and bring your own personality in it... the tighs give that magical touch... big hug

  27. It's a lace dress with bright tights! Oh you know how to win me over! ^_^

    So yeah, I love this inspiration look, it's so hard to go wrong with a lace dress and you are just rockin' it!

  28. love the little lace dress super cute!

  29. Love this outfit Teddi, it's so mod!! It takes a brave soul to pull off bright orange tights but you've nailed it. The sandals are fantastic too. Makes me wish summer was here.

    I like how you've started showing side-by-side closeups of different parts of the inspiration and your outfits. It helps draw our attention to details.


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