Monday, December 15, 2008


We went to Gallery 414 we saw Radiolaria Print Series
by Linda Dee Guy.
 This lady said if you have any questions let me know.
We looked. 
I didn’t know she was the artist. I asked her about my favorite pieces, which happen to be her latest ones.

She favors her most recent works too.  She teaches printmaking at TCU.
 Is that wax? I ask. No it’s layers of acrylic medium with drawing and acrylic paint underneath. It’s very thick and takes a long time to dry.
I ask if this is acrylic or watercolor? 
No this is toner ink from a copy machine. She said dark and mysterious, too heavy?  No, I like it. It’s intense.

Are you an artist? I’ve been taking relief printing. I’ll be taking basic printmaking next. Where? In Dallas, I can’t find any classes in Fort Worth, and all the University ones are too expensive. She agrees and tells me they want to do an affordable workshop sometime maybe next fall when another professor retires. 

Next fall is too far into the future. It might as well be light years away.

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