Monday, December 15, 2008

Amon Carter Museum

A week ago we went to the Amon Carter Museum. We looked around like we always do. There was a guy at a table that said “Ask Me About Art” so I did. He was waiting to share his knowledge and enthusiasm. He explained the process of film evolution. I saw and
 touched negatives, slides, tin types, and various cameras.
I don’t regret asking.

We continued our journey.
The sculptures 
standing out with their textures, shapes, light
 and color.

What I notice
 most of all is artist signatures. Where and how they place their signatures fusing it into the artwork.

A man approaches us and says “I’ll start a tour if you’re interested."  
How long is it?
“How long do you want it?”
The short condensed version.  

I’m so glad I said yes.

 The docent was good. The tour size quickly grew. He had an entertaining way to involve and show the artwork with stories and history. 

He took western 
art ,which I normally am bored passing by, barely glancing, and I stopped to actually look. 

There were the Rocky Mountains painted in front of me.

The ones I used to see everyday.

 Another thing I so easily took for granted.

I found out later his name was Joe Strang and he was a former school teacher. 

Which says to me his background is engaging people with short attention spans.

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