Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

On Thanksgiving we went to the Ice Sculpture exhibit.  Long line, lots of families, a little girl about 8 yrs old with her friend maybe 6 yrs old. They were alone with each other on Thanksgiving. Her cell phone had lots of new features, like Guitar Hero, make the photo sunny, have phone say cheese. I know this because I took their picture. She said her maid washed her phone so she borrowed her brother's, and she was happy. 

We spent $46.00 on the exhibit. It was 9 degrees. They provided everyone with thick blue coats. Outside, saw two convertibles with their tops down, cause it was nice outside. I liked the colored ice candyland that looked so yummy I wanted to stick out my tongue and lick it. I didn't.  The ice slide was fun too. 

It never lasts long enough though does it? I would have traded the whole experience to be with the other people in my life. The other ones I love, The ones that seem so far away.

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