Wednesday, February 13, 2013

valentines day flashback

Me on Valentine's Day 2004
(This is my natural hair color).
The only thing I still have from this outfit is the belt,
 and white long sleeve shirt.

Me lying on our old couch on Valentine's Day 2004

My husband in 2004.

"I am moody, messy
I get restless 
And it's senseless

My mom on Valentine's Day 2004

How you never seem to care

When I'm angry, you listen. 

Cookies I made for Valentine's Day in 2004

Make me happy, it's your mission 

And you won't stop til I'm there. 

A self portrait drawing I started in 2008,
and never finished.
It was based on the photo below it.

My guy's favorite TV show in 2004 was Alias.

My favorite TV show in 2004, was Gilmore Girls.

Who remembers
this song by Ashlee Simpson from 2004?
I totally bought the cd back then.

Yep, I still sometimes listen to it on my iPod.

How do you know
Everything I'm about to say 
Am I that obvious? ...

It's as if you know me better than

I ever knew myself, I love how you can tell...
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me"
Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson


  1. Your portrait is fantastic, Teddi! I totally bought that album, too. And watched every episode of the show on MTV about the making of it. ;) Happy V-Day!!

  2. You have just the bluest eyes, they're so striking!

    I love it when you post images of your art, you have such a fun, whimsical style and its all cool to get to see it and your art journal. How fun to get a little peek back in time as well, I love the heart cookies that you'd baked!

  3. Hey there miss model! So pretty, as usual! I love Gilmore Girls! Happy Valentines Day xx

  4. yeah, I sure loved that song! :P I had several favourite songs from Ashlee, to be honest.
    btw, those cookies look SO yummy and I would definitely have a few right now! and all those other (family) photos are adorable too :)
    happy Valentine's, Teddi!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. haha..Teddi you look like a teenager in these photos.. how old were you?
    I loved ashley simpson during that time.. my favorite shows in 2004.. I think I was obsessed with friends by then.. the series ended in 2004 right?
    sex and the city has always been one of my top shows, still is.. also smallville,angel, niptuck, will and grace re-runs, the nanny re-runs, ally mcbeal re-runs, that 70s show, malcolm in the middle...ah I've always been a tv/movie freak
    happy valentine's day!

  6. Such pretty pictures! I totally remember that Ashlee song!

  7. Lol I totally remember that song! I love those cookies, theyre so cute. I think you should finish your self portrait!
    Happy Valentine's Day Teddi!

  8. Ha, husband was a big Alias fan and I am a HUGE Gilmore fan
    I really wanted to make V'day cookies this year, but just never found the time
    Hope your day was great

  9. awww I love looking at pictures of you two.. always looking so happy together<3

    hope you had a fun/amazing V-Day!!!


  10. i love your flashbacks...and you don't age at all!!! happy valentine's day!!

  11. I loooove going back to the old times and play with my memories. The start of the self portrait looks amazing, you should definitely finish it!

  12. i always love your flashbacks! they're so fun. alias and gilmore girls were both fun shows. and those cookies look delish!

  13. The cookies Daisy and I made for V-day came out rather bad. In my opinion, she liked them.

  14. happy v day

    I nominated you for the "leibster award" for more information visit the below url

  15. Loved this post, Teddi ! I wish I had all my pics in order, love your flashback posts, haha =) your cookies were amazing, as artistic as you are ! Bet they were yummy, too !

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  16. Your selfportrait is amazing ! It express freedom so well !
    I love the little heart cakes too with all those colors, it's beautiful !

  17. Hi, Teddi, it's me again! I had to stop for a while, because I got a stalker, can you believe it? Trying to get back now!
    You look lovely in the pictures, as usual! Hope your Valentine's Day this year was as lovely as it seemed to be in 2004! I love you natural hair color!
    Hope you are OK and from now on I'll be more often on the web - not to mention nearly everyday!
    My new blog is... yes, had to create one to escape...

  18. Wow Teddi you can really rock a red lip! That colour enhances your already pretty smile. I vote for seeing you in red more often.
    I also really like how your hair is styled in the same set of photos - sort of tousled wavy in a half-up half-down do.

  19. ahhh i was so obsessed with alias when it came out then they killed vaughn and i stopped watching it! then they put it up on netfix and i finally caught up! it was soooooo goood!


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