Monday, February 18, 2013

sweet love

 Today is inspiration monday!
When the ladies Megan and Nora from Two Birds Boutique 
choose an outfit to inspire a look.

Here's my version of the look.
To see how others styled it
go to:
inspiration monday: no good deal goes unnoticed.

Today's inspiration is:
Charlize Theron

I don't think it was very popular, 
but I really liked Charlize Theron 
in the movie Sweet November 2001.
I liked the movie so much that I bought the
Sweet November soundtrackon CD.

This original version  of the movie,
made me sad.

Sweet November the original 1968 movie 
My mom had told me about it,when the remake was made.

My mom gave me my necklace for Christmas.

"Show me a river that's so deep
Show me a mountain so high...

My purse was thrifted.

...Ah, show me a place where dreams are for dreamers
And all the things you wish come true, yeah

I'd wish the world had all happy people
Then there'd be no more wishing to do...

My art page inspired by Lifebook 2013 class.

...Sweet love

Sweet love that comes through the ages

My nephew Speed Racer.
My brother is on the left.

Reach out and touch my soul
Gave my life so much meaning
And everyone a heart of gold...
My nephew Baby JJ

I know you're searchin'
I know you're searchin' for a little love
A little peace and understandin'...
My twin nieces

And I know it's been hard tryin' to find your way
But you got to keep on searchin' harder day by day
'Cause it's love, love's the only way

(Oh, nothin' but love)
Oh?oh? (Love)

Sweet love...
Oh, oh...
 (When you're down and out and you can't see your way)

Sweet love (And you need a friend, well-ell-ell)
Oh, oh... (Just call on love, love)
Sweet love ... sweet love" Sweet Love by The Commodores


  1. Isn't it funny when parents tell you that songs or movies are actually remakes? Happens to me all the time.

    I like your take on the outfit. Charlize Theron is a style inspiration of mine; I love her rocking a short hairstyle these days. Anyways, you've captured the casual yet polished look well with your looser top and great boots!

  2. I just had another closer look at your necklace. It's stunning Teddi!

  3. I almost didn't recognize Charlize Theron with short hair, it makes her look really different. You nailed the inspiration look, very casual chic :)

  4. I love that colour blue on you!!!
    And that necklace is super pretty Xx

  5. I love how you chose to throw on a bright sweater for this look, that blue just looks amazing on you and its so beautiful against your hair!

    I haven't seen this remake but I do love Charlize's hair in this movies, she's so gorgeous with short hair.

  6. Sweet Novenber!! i LOVE IT! Kisses from Rome Federica

  7. looking good in blue...and love charlize in that photo with her short hair!
    I've never seen the old version of the movie.. is it betteR? I liked Sweet November (Charlize's version) too.. cool look :)

  8. I think the only things I've seen Theron in is her role in Arrested Development

  9. i have not seen either version of the movie...maybe i will have to check it out! i love this outfit on cozy and chic! great boots!

  10. oh, nice job with that outfit! I think once again I like your variant more than the original one worn by Charlize. and gosh, I had no idea Charlize had cut off her beautiful long hair. anyway, that shade of blue suits you wonderfully, Teddi, and those sunnies too. lovely outfit :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. I really enjoyed the movie Sweet November, but I had no idea it was a remake
    Now I will obsess over trying to find it to watch. LOL
    Love the aqua top, such a great color on you

  12. u look fabolus!! i love ur bag and its amazing that its thrifted

  13. Cute look!

    <3 Melissa

  14. Hey! I love your aqua top, so pretty! I like the sound of that movie x

  15. Your outfit is stunning as always! I love it and you inspire me to do it my own tomorrow, yay...and your sweet painting inspires me also...I have to try this out! Have to buy one supply and then start for sure :)

  16. I like your version better than Charlize Theron's... I just wish I could see a close-up of the necklace!

  17. I love your painting ! Once again !!!
    Charlize is beautiful with short hair ! She's a wonderful actress. I saw "young adult" recently and she's so funny there !

  18. Beautiful post. I liked that movie too. And you did a great job with recreating Charlize's look!

  19. Beautiful family pictures, necklace and art. That blue tone is gorgeous and you look so cool in it :)

    Heel in Mint

  20. You look great in this outfit, Teddi, I love that shade of blue on you. You should find more of that color in the thrift...hope you are well. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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