Monday, January 2, 2012

you wouldn't have to ask

Hey, it's Inspiration Monday from the blog Two Birds link up.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
She's a supermodel & actress.
Just because I didn't know who she was,
doesn't mean anything, does it?
Her wikipedia link info is on her name,
 in grey, if you click it.
Little old me.

"Crooked days come bundled up in bunches
They break your brain like a branch

And push you out here asking after for something
you should know I don’t have

If I had it you wouldn’t have to ask

If I had it you wouldn’t have to ask 
Later on when you bargain with your mirror
and you ask is it really that bad

If it wasn’t you wouldn’t have to ask
If it wasn’t you wouldn’t have to ask

How could you know if you didn’t?
What’s left to say when your tongue’s turned to ash?

Well I tell you you’re finally forgiven
So you wouldn’t have to ask

Button details of my jean jacket,
that I purchased at the secondhand shop in
Portland, Oregon 2008.

Shoot what’s left slip inside your sinner smileAnother man in a mask
Details of my leopard print scarf.
 I purchased at a thrift store in Utah,
maybe in 2007?

If you faced it you wouldn’t need a mask

If you meant it you wouldn’t need a mask

Here you can actually see,
 it looks like leopard print.

If I could fix you you wouldn’t have to ask

If I could help you you wouldn’t have to ask"

 by Bad Books-You Wouldn't Have To Ask
Showing my nails, that I painted on Saturday.
The paint's already chipping on right hand.
Sleeve details on jacket.

I've been listening to this band the past couple of days. We saw Manchester Orchestra in 2010.
 To see my photo slide show from then, look here.

Since looking at these photos,
I've decided I'm too short to roll up my jeans.
I do NOT need to look any shorter. I'm only 61 inches tall.
Great now the whole world knows. Okay, only those from around the world, who actually read this blog. 


  1. Nice! I think the rolled up pants makes everyone look short, so it's good for people who are too tall maybe? I don't know who this girl is either, but I love the concept of inspiration monday! Maybe I should google her. Maybe she's someone off the street and they're pretending she's famous. Oooooh! I like that even better. Oh, I found that the pictures where my ankles are crossed look better than standing like a normal person. Gotta try walking like that:)

  2. I think you look great with rolled up pants!
    And I love the leopard scarf :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Teddi ;)
    Wishing you a great year ahead

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. 'If you faced it you wouldn't need a mask'-that sentence really stood out to me-beautiful! Plus you look stunning- I love the dark pants and the leopard print scarf- tres belle!

  4. Fun scarf! My nails always chip right away too - the product of having three young kids and having to wash my hands constantly. Love that nail color:)

  5. I like the song that goes with your outfit. I tried to do this inspiration but just couldn't, somehow this look didn't look so good on me. I think you pull it off pretty well, the scarf looks chic with your outfit. Laid back rugged look with a feminine touch. HAppy 2012!


  6. nice outfit i like your scarf, its simple and beautiful

  7. love love love that jacket and how cute are those boots! you look great.

  8. i don't think you're too short to roll your pants up! i think they look great on you! and i love the detail of your scarf (and matching nails, too)!

  9. I like what you're wearing and especially that classy bag. oh, and the photos of all the details are very cool! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. haha i'm also too short for cropped jeans (check this out: yeap, that's me looking more shorter thank I am :/... but you definitely rocked Rosie's outfit girl!!!

    happy 2012,

  11. Teddi Hello! Finally we are in 2012! \ o / .Teddi I think its great idea, you can use my pictures, I was honored with his idéia.Tenho sure that if we lived in the same place would be great friends! =))
    And her hair is so beautiful! I loved the pictures in the Sun!

  12. I don't think you're too short for the rolled up pants, I think they look cute!

  13. I love the leopard print scarf, and I think the rolled up pants are cute :). Just sayin'.


  14. awww love your outfit!!! waht a nice inspiration!!! your scarf is aazing!!! happy new year!!!!!!


  15. I love how you have the jeans rolled up with the tall boots under them and the shape of that bag is great!

  16. Love the booties and leopard scarf! That color polish is great too:) I got so tired of re-polishing my nails every few days to keep color on them, so now I get Shellac put on them every couple weeks. It's a bit of money, but I love having polish on at all times, so it's worth it to me.

  17. I'm only 5'4' but I do roll my jeans- i just find that it they look best with pointy shoes to elongate my legs. Perhaps?

  18. happy new year!! I really like your blog and all the post you have done, really cool name to the blog as well, would you like to follow each other?

  19. Love the idea of the rolled up pants with the little touch of leopard :)

  20. What a nice scarf. :3 I want it.

  21. Following you, thanks forth comment and for following me. Aimee xxx

  22. 61 inches! Oh, just when I thought you couldn't be cuter, now I find out that you're petite! I am actually only 60 inches. You ought to embrace your height! I personally love being short, I would DIE if I grew any more! Anyway, I adore that gorgeous print on your scarf. I hope 2012 is going wonderfully for you!


  23. I had to Google it... that makes you 5 '1'? :) In your photos you look tall to me. I don't usually roll my jeans, but I think it's a fun fashion risk to take. I like the scarfs (yours and on the model), I've been wearing a scarf and a French style beanie every day lately. I'd love to see SP some time in concert, glad to hear it was a good show. If I could play guitar, I'd totally learn "Hey There Delilah."
    I like the song you posted too...

  24. I dunno, I kinda like having my pants rolled up, I actually think I look taller, maybe it's my illusion ;)

    Loving your scarf and those beige boots!

  25. I love how you took the inspiration and channeled into your own look. The rolled jeans look so cute! I might have to try that when summer rolls around again :)

  26. cool!


  27. awesome look dear ! i love your boots, scarf, and jacket.. they are gorgeous. happy new year and have a great year ahead, xx

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  29. ohhh lovely inspirations and your take! and currently I am loving how the roll up pants are back in style! haha when i was in hawaii we went sea fishing, it was sunshine and beautiful ocean and warm but i was busy puking over the side of the boat the entire time. I think people like us we are meant to sit and look pretty on the sand hahahaha

  30. I've never heard of Manchester Orchestra before but now I am tempted to look them up! I love your outfit and the rolled up jeans! I've heard of Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley before but I'm not sure who she is, was she in the newest transformers film? xo

  31. i really love your starts post!!! it's pure inspiration!!!


  32. I prefer your version! That scarf is awesome. :) Thank you for your sweet comments, Teddi! They always make me smile. :)

  33. Hi Teddi! you know I love leopard prints and I envy you for acquiring this leopard scarf! it's so beautiful!
    Love your outfit as well!

    Take care! ^_^

  34. kate bosworth is the queen of the effortlessly cool look.. love it!

  35. tedddi, your nieces are ADORABLE haha :)


    Hope you are enjoying the new year.

  36. I wouldn't rule out rolling your jeans because you're on the short side. Posh posh!! Maybe it's the style of jeans - have you tried this with a slimmer-fitting pair?


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