Thursday, January 26, 2012


They dressed in blue, not completely,
 but in parts. 
Chris Benz 2011 Fall RTW
Chris Benz 2011 Fall RTW

For even if it is, the most

favorite color, 

no one wants to hang
around someone who's all

all the time.
Christian Dior 2011 Fall RTW
Christian Dior 2011 Fall RTW

Me with my nephew
Art Journal pages I created for
my friend Crafty Moira & her Traveling Journal.

Close up of right page.
Close up of left page.
Little me when my room was a mess,
with an unmade bed.

I really dig this band.
Great Northern - Story lyrics 
..."And is it all those things that we won't ever say

And is it all those things we won't ever be
And is it all those things we would pay not to see
What do you want? What do you need?
What do you get? What do you see? 
It's all the same with different words"...


  1. i do love blue! though in doses. i did just buy a pair of navy over the knee boots though and have to return them cuz they remind me too much of super hero shoes!!

  2. I like this blue inspiration, I am loving blue lately too. Not that I'm blue...(so corny). Cute kiddo pictures, also in blue. And your sketches are lovely, you are so creative, you have got a nice drawing style. I like it.


  3. beautiful photo do you want to fix your templates :)

  4. lovely collection of photos :) your childhood photos are always so cute. oh, and those Dior ensembles are fabulous!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Dior is always extravagant and spectacular!!!!! aah!

    love your nephew pictures :/ i need kids in my life, buy my brother is too young for children and i'm focused in other things.. kids make everything so bright and happy!

    have a great weekend teddi,

  6. nice, beautiful baby♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    My Free Choice

  7. I love your art journal pages- you are so creative! You're right- no one wants to be around someone who's blue all the time (unless of course they're wearing a fab blue outfit!)

  8. ohh I absoluted adore the first outfit, especially the jacket... ohhh

  9. Ted did not like me now love blue ..! how good change! \ o /

  10. did you see chanel's FW 2012 collection? was all blue as well.. and the scenario was epic.. like being inside an airplane!
    ...thanks for the comment on my "friends?" post... thanks for the support :).. I liked what you said.. about the '"acid tongue"... you've got a way with words!!!
    ..I just uploaded a new illustration.. depression is the greatest inspiration..

  11. I like the way Chris Benz looks!

  12. greatttt song ted! hahaha you do not want to see how i decorated the bathroom- more sarcasm :P lets say i had too much to drink haha. you're very sweet. my morals in life are - live life man. simple. whatever that entails is up too you :) xxx

  13. awesome collections from christian dior as always! that baby boy is adorable. <3

  14. Blue was my favorite color because of Sonic. :p

  15. Aw you were such a cute lil kid! :]

  16. Your journal is so pretty and cool. I like blue. An the word azul makes me think of jungles and toucans for some random reason.

  17. This is amazing! CD show was fantastic!


  18. I love the photo of you laughin' as a child! Old photos are so precious. :) As much as I love the blue velvet, your nephew's shirt is hands down the best selection here. ;)

  19. love Cris Benz blue skirt Teddi! <3

  20. Thank you for your continual comments on my blog, it means a lot. Hope you have a fantastic day and I look forward to your next post.

  21. awww amazing post!!! love th designes, your nephes is so cute, and your gift for your friend is just perfect!!! so cute!
    i also loved your picture when you were a little girl, love that smile, it still lives


  22. Hey Teddi! I hope you're feeling better! I adore those Dior looks. I have been really into blue lately. I have bright blue jeans and a bright blue skirt, and they're some of my favorite pieces. I love pairing them with other colors as well!



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