Wednesday, December 29, 2010

selling wares & such

These are some more shots of my Mexico trip. One of the things I found interesting was the selling of wares, on the beach. Not just the things that were for sale, but the way they were sold.


Kites for sale.
If the sales people saw us looking at something, then they'd all come over. I would get annoyed.  I got tired of saying "No gracias" so I'd say "No quiero" or  "No me gusta." Then I'd had some guy tell me I should say "No gracias, por favor." I  wasn't trying to offend anyone, but  it felt like no one listened. I don't like being bothered.

I could often tell who had lived in the states by people's accents. One of the people we met had lived in Wisconsin.

I really liked some of these dresses, but I refused to pay the high prices for them. When people near me purchased the same ones I was looking at, I suddenly didn't want them anymore.  The only time I want to be wearing the same thing as someone else is if I'm at a rock concert,  wearing a concert t-shirt, and even then, that's pushing it.

Some one else had lived in New Mexico. There were all kinds of foods for sale including peeled mangos on sticks, some dipped in chili pepper.
We had someone ask us if we liked ganja.  I said, NO. Then that person said neither did they.  How years ago they used to smoke crack, but they stopped doing all that stuff. Which reminds me of a story about another friend in a foreign country, who when asked if she wanted some ganja, she said YES. She thought it was some kind of special, foreign food dish. Her guy informed it was NOT, and pulled her away. Stating "NO, we don't want any!

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