Monday, May 17, 2010


vh-1 did a series on top 100 things guys do that makes them undateable.

some on list are: arm wrestling in public, hawaiian shirts, fake swearing, murses, the blank- ster, whining, agressive sports fans, speaking in cartoon voice, overly creative voice mail, listening to light FM, the flatuence trifecta, crocs, booya, pet names for junk, skull wear, names for breasts, tanks or sleeveless t's, goatees, bling, mandanna, fancy belt buckles, vanity plates, socks with sandals, excessive body hair, sports jersey when not at sporting events, ordering chick drinks, ben franklin hair on sides & back of head but bald on top, can't throw a ball, owning nunchucks, tap that/hit that, playing dungeons & dragons, going shirtless in public, pitted out shirts, biker shorts, busting out porn too soon, bad dancing, crotch grab, bad table manners, holiday sweaters, moist, tacky texting, chain wallet, frequenting gun range, talking about your ex, the C-word, chewing tobacco, eye /face lift, spitting, dirty hair, gross nails, creepily into mom, steroids, fur coats, fanny packs, blue tooth ear piece, cell phone at belt, tighty whities, going dutch on date, bro code, geek convention, owning a van, talking about video games, quoting movies, leather pants, jean shorts, pleated pants, moobs, wine in a box, air guitar, speedo...

Except nearly every guy i know does at least one thing on this list & they are coupled with someone. so what's the truth? the list cracks me up though!


  1. ha! so funny.

    and sadly true.

  2. haha! really funny ;)

    as to your question on sal's post,
    yan yan is like a pretzel stick
    with a chocolate side for dipping.
    it's like a diy version of a fat
    pocky (if you know what pocky is)


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