Monday, May 24, 2010


went out to lunch with my friend. the food was excellent. dark leafy greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, delish vinaigrette & feta. i had this amazing alfredo vegetable lasagna. my dessert was even better. the best lemon bar i have eaten. it had blueberries inside and was topped with grated white chocolate and a cream cheese mixture. it was like lemon meringue blueberry cheesecake pie.

we spoke about life philosophies. she told me how she lived all those years in kenya before she moved to texas. she is from england. i love listening to her speak. it reminds me of my friend who is from scotland, that i haven't seen in ages. that was one of the things i liked about working with women from all over the world all those years ago. hearing stories about places i have never been.

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