Wednesday, July 1, 2009

vegas trip n may

So we went on a road trip to Vegas to see Cher in concert. Not my first choice, but a lifetime chance to spend time with my oldest friend. I'm so glad we went. Cher was unlike any show I've ever been to. First they took all cameras hostage, so sorry no pix. Cher came in on some kind of wire chair thing flying through the air with this massive headdress. There was lots of dancing on those vertical wires, singing, major fancy costume changes, and old clips of her and sonny. I cried. I laughed. I sang along. However the band was mostly off to the side in the dark, and I could barely see the guitar player which bummed me out.

My first time in Vegas and at the risk of offending people, I have to say it's not for me. It's too flashy and trashy. The place is all about stealing your money. It's not my scene at all! I came, I saw, I went. Will I ever go again? Who knows?

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