Wednesday, July 1, 2009

concert w/ K

i had to go to a concert while in utah, and who better to go with than K? the girl who, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, took me to my first concert. she bought me my first tape (bon jovi: slippery when wet). she introduced me to heavy metal (iron maiden, judas priest, & dio), and i've been trying to repay her by introducing her to new bands. i fought my way to the front row, (the way she taught me how). it was my third time seeing 10 yrs and the best, cause i've never been so close before. hello, we even got to meet the band!

however i was a little disappointed in the bass player cause he didn't run around the stage and rock out like normal. not sure if it was cause the stage was too small or he lost his cool when he whacked off all his hair! he was kinda a jerk in person too. i mean dude i tell you that you're my fav bass player. which means something cause I go to a lot of concerts, and you act like uh huh, NEXT autograph! the rest of the band was nice though, especially the bald guitar player.

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